Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Was Creepy........

So I was checking the blogs yesterday afternoon.  Advertisements were popping up above the headers.  Whaaattt????  Closed out; logged in; closed out; logged in.....etc.   Then I noticed it seemed to be happening only on "" sites.  Except for Yahoo main page.  It happened there too.  Not only ads on Blogger, but certain lines in my latest post were in a different color and underlined!  I didn't do all that!

Now what the hell is going on?!  I noticed a teeny, tiny little box under the advertisement that said "ad is not part of this web". I clicked on it.  Some kind of box opened with 3 or 4 headings.  Clicking on one at a time, I could see what sites were enabled and which were disabled.

Lo and behold, there was something called "commercial ads" or some such nonsense, and it was "enabled".  How the hell did that happen??!!  Checked all my precautions.  Pop-Up blocker is activated; Firewall is active; all notifications are active.

Anywho, I "disabled" the bugger.  And that seemed to take care of the problem.  No more ads popping up.  How aggravating that was. >:(

So, just wanted to let everyone aware in case it's happening to you.  I HATE it when things like that me the I being hacked??!!

Stay safe out there! 


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Man, that would be annoying to the max.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am always worried about being hacked, especially when I look at the Traffic Sources on Stats and the countries they come from.