Friday, March 15, 2013

It's a Good News/Bad News Day......

Good news...well, actually great news!  My parents' house has finally sold.   We will be getting our share of the sale within the next few days.  That means BH and I will be putting our house up for sale this summer instead of next (2014) and moving to the apartment by this Fall!!

I am sooooo happy I can hardly think straight.   BH and I were just talking about this earlier in the week.  He seemed to believe that we wouldn't have enough of our bills cleared up or payed down enough to make the move possible this year.  Plus the time element.  We have a sh*t load of cleaning up, throwing out, fixing up to get done.

Well I'm telling ain't never seen a whirlwind like what's going to happen come Spring!!  Who knows.....I may even lose all the weight I gained since being retired!

Soooo.....we were crunching the numbers again earlier, and I told him that moving this year is totally doable.  Yeah, we  might be rubbing nickles together at the end of the month, but it's nothing we haven't been doing for the past 25 years!  At least we'll be where we want to be and life will be more comfortable and easier for him.....which is my main goal.  No more logging, chopping, stacking wood for the year; no more climbing on the roof to clean out the stove pipes; no more 8 hours of cutting grass every time; no more being unable to travel anywhere in the winter because we need to keep the house warm; no more taking "shifts" at night when the temps are 20 below zero to make sure the water pipes don't freeze;  no more repairs and maintenance on the house.....which usually requires hiring someone....and paying!

OMG!!!  Now, if only the weather would co-operate so we can get on the fast track.  But no.  Another snow storm coming in this weekend....another 6" - 8" hitting the ground.  We just had 6" last weekend.  And then, the weatherman has the balls to say it looks like Tuesday through Friday will be good, with another fairly large storm coming in NEXT weekend!  And to rub salt into the was 39 degrees during the day Wednesday and Thursday, with some good snow melting.  Aaarrrrrggghhhh.

Ok, so the bad news......I'll probably have to suspend all spinning and knitting in another month.  No time.  And maybe won't be able to pick it up again until next Fall.  This makes me very sad.  I'll try to keep a small project on the needles in case there's a few minutes here and there.

The other bad news....and this is me, anyway.   So, I started knitting another vest with the alpaca/Shetland plied yarn Wednesday night.  It looked really good.  More knitting yesterday and last night.  All of a sudden I feel like......yep.......a hairball in my throat.  My eyes are itching and watering; my nose is dripping and feels stuffy; and I'm "aaackkking" and coughing....trying to bring up that hairball.

Are you serious??!!!  I'm allergic to Alpaca??!!!   I'm not allergic to anything!   How can this be??!!   Now I'm really bummed.

So, I think I will rip out the vest and use the yarn for smaller projects.  A hat and mitts.  Or....hat S and mitts S.   While wearing a face mask.

A little good.......a little bad.   Keeps life interesting and prevents me from getting too pleased with myself!

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