Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!

                    Wishing everyone a very Happy, Bless`ed  Easter!

Well, I know ours will certainly be.  For the first time in over 25 years since BH and I have been together, and over 40+ years since I've had my own family, we will be spending our day tomorrow out and about and possibly stopping for dinner somewhere.  (Are there even restaurants open on Easter Sunday?  For other than brunch?  I don't know!  Never had the opportunity.)

We are soooo looking forward to a holiday to do whatever we want.  I am soooo looking forward cooking, baking, dishes, cleaning and entertaining.  I'm giddy with excitement!

After last year, when only one son showed up for dinner, and I had prepared a huge ham with all the trimmings and pineapple-upside-down cake for dessert, we said "never again".  We are through with this.  We're spending the day the way we want.

But, all is not forsaken.  Today I have a boneless pork loin in the crockpot (it will be glazed with a diluted plum jelly mixture for the last hour, in the oven to crisp it up); then there'll be mashed potatoes, peas, and ambrosia salad.  Of course, pineapple-upside-down cake with whipped cream for dessert.  For just the 2 of us.  And an Easter basket made up tonight for BH!

It's kind of sad, in a way, to reflect on years passed.  When the grandchildren were small;  everyone would be coming up from the Cities for a day or two;  BH and I would have a ball hiding the plastic eggs outside, each with a dollar bill inside.  (of course the 4 grandkids were advised that they could only claim 6 eggs each; when they found their 6, they could help someone else find theirs.)  One year the eggs had to be hidden in the snow!!

And, of course, the big dinner, most prepared the night before.  Everyone having a grand time.  But now the kids are teenagers, parents have to work on Monday and the 3 hour drive up here doesn't seem so appealing.   C'est le vie.

So tomorrow we will take off in the morning....hit the casino for a few hours......take a leisurely ride somewhere......maybe stop for dinner.  But if nothing is open, we can come home for leftovers, put our pajamas on, watch a movie or 2, have some dessert and relax.

The snow is melting ever so slooowwly.  Daytime temps are warming up likewise.  Wish it would happen a little quicker!

Have a wonderful weekend!




Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU, that finally, the two of you are going to do what you want. It's about time too. I hope you have the most wonderful time tomorrow, from dawn till you fall into bed, exhausted from the pleasure of it all. :)

Linda said...

Thanks, Sandie. We had a great day! Even if the weather didn't co-operate very much. Snow, strong winds, grey and cloudy most of the day. But at least we got to do what we wanted. Hope you have a great week!