Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wait for It.....Wait for It.....

Indeed.....we are still waiting for Spring to arrive full force....and stay for it's nominal season!

Snow is melting very, very slowly; still quite a bit on the ground.  Temps are back in the low 30's for the daytime and some single digit nights.

Meanwhile, BH and I are chomping at the bit to get things going around here.  This Thursday we will take a ride into the city to pick up paint and wallpaper. Cleaning, fixing and freshening will commence next Tuesday, as I have an appointment in the city on Monday.
It's daughter's 43rd birthday on Thursday, also.  And we have 2 gift cards for Olive Garden.  Soooo......we'll take her out for and early dinner.

I finished a pair of socks.  First time I ever knitted "tube" socks.  The pattern is a spiral rib.  Turned out pretty good and I'm going to start another pair.  A little concerned about how tube socks will hold up.  At least  it won't be the same wear and tear that a heel gets.  You can turn the sock any which way to avoid constant abuse of a certain area.  Has anyone ever knit "tube" socks?

I got super brave a couple weeks ago and started a sweater (or maybe it'll be a vest depending on how frayed my nerves get!).  Not just any old sweater.....but a colorwork, Fair Isle sweater.  What is wrong with me!!!?

I've always dreamed of making one.  I know exactly how I want it to look...in my mind.  And, of course, with Fair Isle comes....steeks.  I've never done steeks before.  This should be very interesting.  Very interesting.

But now I've got a problem.  I don't have a knitting-in-the-round, steeked, colorwork sweater pattern.  I'm, as you might say, "winging it".  Yep. Again.  I have a picture in my mind as to how this should be accomplished.  My mind is a very busy place!

So, one more pattern repeat and it should be ready for steek stitches where the armholes will be cut.  That shouldn't be too difficult (laughing maniacly)!  But when I get to the neckline, what then??  How do I decrease for the front neckline while continuing to knit in the round?  Or do I stop at this point, cut the front open and finish off the steeks, and then continue with the decreasing as I knit for the collar?  Which will be the background, solid color.

And what about the back?  Do I knit "x" amount of rows in patterning to bring it up to the neck a bit before continuing with the collar? Or just continue the collar from the front?

And are the shoulders an "automatic"?  I mean, they're just there after the front neckline decreases?  No shoulder seams to mess with?

Any hints or know-how is greatly appreciated.  Otherwise,  I will salley forth.

The thoughts of frogging the whole thing.....ripping out row after row of colors intertwined with each other.......OMG!!  I can't think about that now...I'll think about it tomorrow....afterall.....tomorrow is......another day!
(I live by these words....thank you, Scarlett O'Hara!)

On the "plus" side, the color pattern is working out very well.  Love the colors together.  Charcoal for the background, off-white and raspberry for the patterning.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a woolen "tube top" !!!  Maybe a woolen tote bag??  Just sayin'..........

Well, wish me luck.....I'm diving back into the yarn river!

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It sounds like you have kept your hands busy during this too long winter.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Fair Isle sweater. I've never made one, never made any sweater from the top down either. So I wouldn't know where to begin, let along offer help or advice. LOL

I've not yet made tube socks. Many, many, many regular heeled socks, but not tube socks. I do have a pattern, and do intend to try it, once. But I keep putting it off because I fear they will bore me to death. LOL

At least you are keeping busy while you wait for Spring. Same here. :)

Judy said...

I love Scarlett!!! You are a brave soul. I have made raglans from the top down but never a fair isle and I have never done steeks. I do have a copy of New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting by Patty Knox (1985) with "patterns for V necked sweaters, sleeveless pullovers, cardigans, caps..." It was my moms but I will never use it. If you would be interested in it email me at myhappyacres at gmail dot com and I will send it to you.