Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Things........

First, I've been eyeing the Fair Isle sweater sitting in the basket, as I work on the pair of socks.  Something just doesn't feel right.  The other day, all the paraphernalia was gathered in anticipation of working on the steeks and cutting them.  I keep looking at the sweater. I'm. not. sure.

Just doesn't seem right.  One thing or another came up over the next few days, putting the sweater on hold.  I keep looking at it.  Picking it up; straightening it out; it just doesn't seem right.

Love the colors, love the pattern.  However, I did discover that it is highly doubtful there's enough charcoal Shetland to do the sleeves.  This is a problem.  The project was not intended to be a vest.  The neckline is all wrong.

Well, by this morning after examining it again, checking my stash box to see if I didn't miss a couple balls of charcoal (I've already checked 3 times)....and I didn't.  Nada.  The decision had to be made.....Frog It!!  The last thing I want is to cut the yarn, hate the sweater/vest and have dozens of wound-up teensy little balls of yarn.  No sir.  No way.  Not good.

It's in the process of being ripped.....1/2 done.  And I feel much better.   Crap.

I think I'll just stick to Fair Isle ear flap hats for a while.

Ok.  The second thing........
So....BH has remarked to me over the past month or so how we haven't seen evidence of any critters in the house.  "Mickey", to be precise.   "I think those sonar thingies we bought in the summer have been doing the trick", says I.  He readily agrees.

He made the same comment to me just last week.  Well.......while walking through the utility room this morning, I find the bag of dog treats (for the neighbor's dog) laying on the floor.  Hmmmm...how did that get there.  I pick it up, put it back on the bookshelf......and now I notice little pieces of the bag on the floor.

Yep.  It seems Mickey has found a way in.  And the sonar thingies be damned!!

There's a footnote to this story.  Last week while housecleaning, I run the dust mop behind the entertainment center.  Whoa....what's that.  A small dark blob on the floor.  Further inspection reveals that it's the piece of steel wool that was plugging up the hole where the TV cable comes in from under the house.   Hmmm.....I must have pulled it loose with the dust mop.

Now I think the real cause was Mickey.  That little bugger pushed the ball of steel wool out of the hole.  Not so unbelieveable when we think of all the times the mouse traps haven't been sprung, but the cheese is gone.  Or when we heard the "snap" of the trap late at night.....only to discover the next morning that the varmint had wrangled himself loose and is gone.

So today, we will re-insert the steel wool, maybe seal it with duct tape, and see what happens next.

I just hope he found his way out of the house this morning so he doesn't have to search for another escape route.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your sweater, all that hard work being frogged. But I understand the reason you did it.

I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one with little Mickie's running about. The other day as I was sitting in my chair knitting, with Lizette curled up asleep on the sofa, and my cat Rose, curled up behind my head on the back of my chair, I watched Mickey scurry the length of the hallway and out into the kitchen area. I mean, why hide when the silly cat just sleeps the day away? Right?

Linda said...

That's very funny, Sandie! I remember when we had our cat...she'd watch them run across the floor! But then when they would find a hiding spot, she'd sit there waiting for them to come out....like she was on the job! hehehehehe! Hope you're having a great week.