Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yep. Same Ol'......Same Ol'.........

There's about 3" of fresh snow on the ground.  Another 3" expected by the time this is over tomorrow.  The winds are supposed to be 30 mph, gusting to 50-60 mph tomorrow.

Paint and wallpaper are sitting idly by.  Waiting.  Waiting for sunshine.  Waiting for warmth.

The storm windows are still up (thank God); and the once-fresh pine garland and mini lights still adorn the deck railing outside.

It's April 18th.  2 more weeks and our town has its "Clean-Up Day".  You can bring anything that's not household garbage, toxic chemicals, tires and some appliances.  The city will dispose of it for free!  This is done every other year.  How fortunate that this is the year.......the year we're planning on moving.   And we have tons of crap to get rid of.

My granddaughter posted a picture of herself in her Army uniform.  I wish she had her hat on to complete the outfit.  I love this kid.....I mean, beautiful young lady.  She leaves for basic training at the end of July.  She'll be gone for 9 months; being sent to Tech School right after basic.  I'm going to miss her terribly.
Anywho, I'm keeping myself busy.  Still knitting the Fair Isle sweater.  Just about ready to decrease for the front neck opening.
A little apprehensive, but I'll approach it slowly.  It'll work out.
Hope you all are comfortable;  a little sunshine?  a little warmth?  Some green on the ground?  Little shoots of flora popping up here and there?   Ahhhhhhh........some day.  Some.  Day.


Anonymous said...

This will probably make you weep, but my daffodils are getting ready to bloom.

Hey, it will be Spring there too soon, I'm sure. Hang in there. :)

Linda said...

Well, Sandie, I'm happy that at least your Spring is on it's way. It makes me very hopeful for us. We just got about 8" of snow from yesterday afternoon and through the night. They say the winds will be extreme starting this afternoon. But...we're warm; we're cozy; we have food; So much to be thankful for despite it all. Wishing you a wonderful, warm, sunny weekend!

Rani A said...

I ca ca ca can't m m m move my f f f fingers. They are cold. How much snow did you get? Minnetrista got 10 inches, according to my bird feeder. Wow! And not the wind is making me put off my very needed grocery run.

Good luck to your grand-girl!!!!