Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something Old......Something New........ wedding here.  It's (gulp) the weather.  Again.  That's the "old".

Update:  12" of snow fell between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  Accompanied by strong - very strong - winds.  BH went out to shovel and said some of the drifts were up to his thighs.

ooohhhhh, le sad.

Anwho, Thursday I decided to make a Blueberry Sourcream coffee cake.  Had the blueberries in the freezer; had the sour cream, which was getting near it's expiration date (how do you know when sour cream goes bad??)  So I looked for a recipe on the internet.  Found one quick and easy.  It turned out deeelicious!

Then I've had this hankerin' for Peanut Butter cookies.  I'm not one to make cookies other than the obligatory Christmas baking, especially since there's no one here anymore to eat them except BH and me (emphasis on "me").  But, mmmmmm, I love Peanut Butter cookies.  It's my grandmother's recipe.  I've had it since she passed away 50 years ago.  And it is hands down the best!  My hands, anyway.

So yesterday was another baking day.  A double batch, thank you very much.  Because if you're going to go through all that trouble, and if you have a freezer, always bake double.  Your cravings will thank you in the long run.  Mmmmmmm.......deeeelicious!!

Oh, something new........

Well, I took pictures!!  

See....I wasn't foolin'.  And just to think, last week most of the snow was gone and we could see ground.  Ground that was beginning to green up.  Geezzzzz.

Ok, so there's the Blueberry Sourcream coffee cake; Yummy.

Then the Fair Isle sweater in progress.  Finished knitting; now get up the courage to cut the steeks.  Gulp.

The tube socks.  I really kinda like these.  Started another pair; first one on the needles.  Plus, because there's no fiddlin' with the heel and gussets, it goes really, really fast.   I'm partial to things I can get done really.....really fast.  I'm getting old; time is running out!

Oh, I think I forgot to tell you about the robins.  Yep.  We had 4 of them in the yard last week....before the return of winter.  And they were very plump!  Beautiful big red breasts.  However.  They're gone now.  Maybe never to be seen in these parts again. 

Hey, if you could fly off to warmer climates anytime you flapped your arms.......would you?

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