Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Am So Ready For Fall.......You?

So last week we had a reprieve.  The temps were in the low to mid 70's...no humidity.  Oh Yeah, Baby!  This is what I'm talking about!  Can it be?  Is Fall finally here?  My heart skips a beat.  I get excited about finishing up some work around here.  Visions of getting back to spinning are dancing in my head (haven't touched a wheel since April!  I know!) 

Ah....but the pessimist.....or realist as I describe myself to BH.....knows not to get too excited.  So last week he tells me "the plan".   "We'll put the air conditioners away next week", he announces.  "Not so fast, mister.  Air conditioners DO NOT get put away till the end of September, sometimes early October, depending on how the temps have been fluctuating", says I. 

We have this little discussion every year.  Every. Year.  Sometimes I have to ask him....."what planet are you from?"  or  "so when did you move to this country?"  He has such a bad memory.  Or maybe he just wants to keep my blood pumpin'.  Good job, Sparky.

Last week we got a phone call from granddaughter at Boot Camp.  What a surprise!!!  They weren't allowed to make calls till a week or two before graduation (in October).  But she said they were allowed 1 hour to make calls.  I don't know where they got the phones from; they weren't allowed to bring their cell phones.  Anywho, by the time she got a phone, she said she had just 2 minutes.  She's doing well; doesn't like all the verbal and physical fighting at night amongst some of the girls; she had rifle training, scored 36/40 and got her "Sharpshooter" medal!!

Then last Tuesday we got our first letter from her.  I've been writing her every week for the past 3 weeks.  All is good.  She's getting excited, albeit a bit nervous, for graduation.  And she would love us to take her to Virginia for Tech training (we offered).  Woohoo!!

So after scanning hotels in the area, I called and made reservations for that week of graduation.  Can't wait to see her!!!  See how much she's changed.

Labor Day weekend we had our second and last yard sale.  This one was nothing but craft supplies.  A LOT of craft supplies. I was selling most of it as "bulk".  Buy the whole schmear.....you get the tote for free!  It ran from Friday - Sunday.  Friday was pretty good....sold a lot.  Saturday, not so much.  Being that our town had the big end of the season whoop -d- do.  Which included a parade.  Which started at the top of our road.  Which closed off our road for about 3 hours in the early afternoon.  Yeah.

So just a few people stopped by.  Sunday was a washout.  It wasn't supposed to rain, but sure enough, by 10:30am, it started drizzling.  The sky got darker and darker.  I told BH "this doesn't look like it's going to clear up any time soon; let's call it a day".  And we proceeded to pack everything up, take down the tables, take down the signs around town.  And that was that.

So the plan is......to be a vendor at the schools's annual Craft Fair in November.  Hopefully to sell as much of the left over handmade crafts as possible and maybe more supplies!  This is something else I'll have to get organized and ready.  BH is not too happy with the idea.  It's a lot of packing, lugging, setting up, all day, tearing down, packing away and lugging back home.  He's getting very tired; his energy level is waning....big time......every day.  I understand.  If this doesn't materialize, then the option is "Craig's List".

I have been knitting.  Mostly in the morning because I get up anywhere from 4 am to 5:30am.  BH rolls out anywhere from 6 - 8am.  Gives me a couple hours of quiet time.  So, I'm doing a poncho and a scarf/shawl.  The scarf/shawl is being knitted in laceweight, cream colored BFL, which has iridescent "Firestar" spun into it.  Knitting it in the "Feather and Fan" pattern, and adding iridescent glass beads every 8 rows.  I can't wait till it's done.  It looks beautiful!!!  I imagine it as a winter wedding shawl.  It's got just enough glitz and the patterning looks elegant!

The poncho is coming along but I'm not sure I'm crazy about it.  It's probably 1/2 completed.  Not sure I like the pattern I chose; not sure there's enough yarn to finish it.  Aaawwkk.  "Just salley forth".

Oh, I forgot......so, anyway, after the very nice Fall-like weather last week, sure enough......Friday started with the high 80's/90's and 100% humidity.  Which has carried on since.  Tomorrow it's supposed to break.....again.....and we'll be back to comfortable days and nights.

But no air conditioners will be removed from the premises until further notice.


Judy said...

Congrats to your GD. My daughter went through Basic at Ft. Jackson in 2003. We must have brought the snow down with us because it was 70 degrees when we got there and then snow covered the next morning. The graduation had to be moved inside but it was awesome seeing them, the equipment, the museum and demo's of their training. Have a safe trip.
Maybe it will stay warm enough for a Columbus day yard sale so you don't have to tote everything out in November.
Like you I thought fall was coming but are getting your weather for high 80's tomorrow and humidity...I prefer 65.

Linda said...

Thank you Judy. I want to tell you....I'm not getting updates from your blog. I've checked everything...it's all ok. You're on my blog list, but it shows your last post 4 months ago. I can go directly to your blog and read the latest posts, but it doesn't register on my blog list. Am I making sense? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Sandra Knapp said...

Good thing you spoke up and prevented hubby from putting up the A/C units!! And now I see, over the weekend, the temperatures are going to plunge again. Oh well, Summer transitioning into early Fall, so this is to be expected. :) I drove up to the Endless Mtns. Fiber Festival, on Sunday, and noticed a lot of leaves blowing around, so gradually, the trees will be getting barer and barer too.

Time for spinning here too, I hope. I have a lot of it to get at. :)

Judy said...

Sandi said the same thing. I don't know why I haven't changed anything. I checked blogger and there are no trouble shooting tips there. I will have to play with it this weekend and see if I can find out what's ups. Have a great day

Linda said...

Thanks Judy!

Oh, Sandie....it's going to be in the low to mid 60's. Leaves here have been changing for the past few weeks. Can't wait till Fall is here in all it's splendor!! Perfect time for spinning!