Sunday, September 15, 2013

Murphy Part Deux....and Other Assorted Thoughts (this may be very long!)

So this morning I'm up at 4:15am.  BH....not.   I turn on the coffee and the TV.  Pour a cup.  Go sit in the recliner. Take the vest out of the bag, start knitting.  One sip of coffee; knitting.  Second sip of coffee.....BAM.  I missed the coaster, hit the edge of it, the coffee cup tips all over the arm of the chair, the end table, the pattern, the paper with the finished row markings, the floor, the wall.   Aaaarrggghhh!

Dash off to the kitchen, grabbing towels, wet cloth, run back in to blot and mop.  Chair is wet.  Very wet.  Don't see much coffee-color coming up on the towels.  This will have to be shampooed today.

We just purchased 2 matching recliners in July.  One of the old ones was 25 years old (a La-Z-Boy...plug); the other was same make but we bought it at an auction 10 years ago or so.  We needed new recliners.  Went to the local furniture store.  A make I've never heard of, but the salesman assured us it is quality furniture, made in Indiana.  And since they only have one of any style in any color, we had to order the color we wanted for 2 chairs.

Anywho, they arrived after 3 weeks and we were very happy! Wow! Look how high we sit in these!  Who knew you didn't need to be physically fit to pull yourself out of a recliner?  Or that you really needed another person to help pull you up from the chair? Or that we really don't need one of those recliners that the seat rises up at an angle and it kind of dumps you out of it?

Yeah.  So after some menial housework and food prep for supper, BH (yes, he's up and around now) brings the shampooer over from the storage house.  And the job gets done.  The real test will be after the fabric is dry....did it discolor?

So, I was thinking....what the hell.....might as well start shampooing some of the carpets while I'm at it. Hahahahaha!!! Yeah.  No.  It's 54 degrees today, not getting much warmer, and drizzling off and on.  Not conducive to damp carpeting.  Tuesday will be a much better day.  Well then, why not get started changing the furniture around in the bedrooms, away from the furnace vents....because......we will have furnace heat this winter!?  Again....Hahahahaha!    No.  Not today.  The carpeting has to be shampooed before the furniture is moved around.

I had a pan of brownies in the oven.  A 9x9.  Actually, it might be an 8x8. Who measures these things?  Well, 30 to 35 minutes it says on the box.  I don't like dry, cake-like brownies.  I always go for the least amount of time and then watch it very carefully.  These took nearly an hour.  I kid you not.  Now I'm the thermostat going on the oven???  It is 12 years old.  Ei-yi-yi.  Time will tell.

Doing a load of wash.  I cannot leave the house while the washer is going.  It has a quirk...during the spin cycle, it sometimes likes to "dance" across the floor.  Doesn't matter how big the load is or isn't.  So, I need to stand by it as soon as the water starts to empty out; wait for the "spin" cycle to start.  If there's no banging or "dancing", it's good.  But the same needs to be done for the "rinse" cycle. Oh....this machine does not discriminate cycles.

I know what you're thinking.  "Well, it's not level."  Au Contraire!  The level has been put on it numerous times.  In every direction.  It's as level as an honest person.  It just has a quirk.  C'est le vie.

Perusing granddaughter's Army unit photos today.  The person in charge must have downloaded 1,000 pictures since yesterday.  Went through each and every one.  Each. and. every. one.  Found 8 more pictures of her - coming out of the gas chamber and during their physical training drills.  This is one happy, happy grandma!!!

So tomorrow is daughter's appointment with the surgeon.  I should have a pretty good idea if we're going to be able to make it to granddaughter's Basic Training graduation or not.  Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers like mad.  In the meantime, my sister is making her plans to be there in case we're absentia.

I think that's all.  I know there's more.  I just can't think of it right now.  It'll happen after the "publish" button is pressed.

I gotta go find something to do before BH comes in the house.  Something that looks like I'm really, really busy.  What to do.....what to do..........


Sandra Knapp said...

Check your furniture labeling, and hopefully the material is a scotch guard, or similar, and won't stain. A lot of chairs and sofas are being made that way now, as well as carpeting too. So hopefully, although the carpet and chair were wet, there won't be any discoloration. :) Just trying to think positively here! LOL

Linda said...

Thanks Sandie. Yep, when we ordered the fabric, I made sure it was "wet" cleanable and not "dry" chemical clean only. I did shampoo it yesterday with my Hoover steam shampooer. It turned out great! No stains to be seen. Whew!! Wishing you a great day.

Judy said...

Hoping your daughters surgery went well and that you made it to your GD graduation.