Monday, October 21, 2013

KittyWhampus............'s been a month since I've written.  Things have been nuts, to say the least.

We left for South Carolina and granddaughter's graduation from Basic Training on Saturday, Oct. 5. Got there on the 8th.  My sister and our eldest son from NY came in at night. 

The Fort had "Family Day" on Wednesday with a banquet at night for all the families and the new soldiers.  What a wonderful time we had!!  What a heartfelt experience.  Everything was so grand and beautiful; filled our hearts with so much pride.

Thursday was the graduation.  All the soldiers in their "dress blues".  She had her medals..."Sharpshooter for Rifle" and her ribbon for being a soldier in a time of conflict (read: "war"!)  Fantastic!!  It was over by about 10:30am, and she was free to leave the base and go with us.  She had her orders to report to the next Army base in Virginia by midnight Friday.  We were driving her there.

So we spent the day shopping, napping, talking....and talking and went out for dinner that night to a nice, swanky restaurant.  Then she stayed with us in our hotel room for the night.

Friday morning, we hit the road early.  My sister and son had to catch their plane at 5:30 to return home.  So they drove in their rented car, we in ours.  We stopped every so often and changed passengers so our granddaughter could visit with each of us on the way to Virginia.

When we crossed the state line, we pulled into a travel plaza and said our goodbyes, I-love-you's and I'll-miss-you's.  We proceeded to the base; sister and son proceeded on to Richmond airport.

So, granddaughter is at her new post...studying airplane/helicopter mechanics.  She'll be there for 5 months! She loves it! She told us there's talk of a 2 week leave for Christmas.  I hope so!!  I can see her being career Army, she's that kind of person.

We got home just this past Tuesday afternoon.  Whew.  BH and I were "road weary".  We put 3550 miles on the car.  Good to be home!

It's been very cold here; had to turn the furnace on.  Yesterday we had 2" of hasn't melted.  If the ground were frozen, it probably would've amounted to 4 or 5".  It snowed all day, from morning to night.

Thank goodness we picked our apples Friday.  Temps were predicated (and did) to be in the 20's overnight.  So yesterday, I peeled, cored, sliced and froze 25# of apples!!  Made a big kettle of Vegetable Beef Barly soup and baked 3 loaves of wheat bread.

However, the lawn ornaments, flower pots and perennials have not been taken care of yet.  This week it's supposed to get back into the 40's for daytime.  I'll have to hurry and get all that done......before the next snowfall.  It's not even the end of October!

Saturday, BH and I took a small trip (makes you wonder how we could even face getting back in the car, right?).....90 minutes away to the Cambridge Wool and Fiber Fest.  It's just a small deal, only 1 day.  Last year was the first one.  Kind of disappointed.....seems not all the vendors listed on the web site were there.  I hope this doesn't go the way of the Mora Fiber Fest.  That only lasted a few years.  Besides the Lake Elmo Fest on Mother's Day weekend, there isn't really anything close to us.  And I do love to go to a Fiber Fest!!

It was nice all in all.  BH talked me into buying a "blending board".  What a guy!!  (It didn't really take too much talking).  A vendor makes her own....very nice!!  AND......I saved $25.00.  Which I quickly spent on some roving at another vendor....$5.00 for a 4 oz. ball....bought 4.  Saved.....$5.00.  Priceless!!

Can't wait to use the blending board.  Got big plans!  I just started spinning again yesterday.  Haven't touched a wheel in......7 months!!  Yep. 7. months.  I know.  I can't believe it either.  But it feels great to be back at it.  Except....spinning will be put back on hold soon....when it's time to get ready for the holidays and getting gifts made.  I can't think about that now....I'll think about it tomorrow....afterall....tomorrow is.....another day. 
 Today I take daughter to the surgeon's to schedule her gall bladder surgery.  I hope it's this Thursday or Friday.  She's been feeling very nauseas every day.  But not much pain, so that's good.

So....onward and upward.  It's all kittywhampus!


Judy said...

Congrats to GD. So funny the girls all doing supposedly "manly" daughter was a light wheel mechanic in the Guard for 8 years. Can't believe you said the "s" word! We are going to get normal temps this week which will be a shock since we have not received our first frost yet! Have fun with your blending board and take pics

Linda said...

Thanks, Judy. I know....thank goodness she was always a mix of "tomboy" and "girlie". It's served her well. It's still pretty cold here; there's still "s" on the ground. I gotta get outside tomorrow and take care of business! Hope you have a great week.