Sunday, September 21, 2014

WOW...Has it Really Been That Long??!!!

Holy buckets....has it really been that long?  2 1/2 months since I've written.  I read your posts every day....just didn't have the time or the subject to write about.

Things have been pretty busy here these past weeks.  Nothing exciting...we didn't go anywhere....just muddling through.  BH decided to do the logging and get all our wood ready for this winter.  He finished last week; now he'll start gathering wood for next winter.

After a few bad experiences, we decided not to sell the house; we're going to stay right here.  Our contract is up in February with the realtor.  We'll see it through, but then, that's it.

So....I've been doing all the seasonal house cleaning, fixing, painting, re-organizing and re-decorating. 

The one thing I never got to last year was the dining room.  It was driving me NUTS!!  So....that was our major project.  Now I can relax.....till next year...shhhhh.....don't tell BH.   So....Ta-Daa.. here's the before/after looks:

Old look with the wallpaper (13 years!)

And here's the new look:

Switched the placement of the dining table;  and that area rug!!  Mmmmmm.....I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!!

We didn't want to rip up the wall-to-wall (too much trouble and aggravation right now), so I thought maybe an area rug on to match the blue.  Already knew I was painting the walls "cocoa brown" and making cream colored curtains.

It took us about 10 days to complete.  First order of business was removing the wallpaper and border. OMG, how I hate stripping wallpaper.  But BH helped with it, so it went fairly quick.  Now he jokes (?) with me that this is our "Viewing Room" entry allowed.  Little does he realize, that's exactly my plan!!

My sister and our dear friend came for a visit at the end of August.  They were here for 3 days.  We had a great time....spent a whole day at the Casino, then a day with our daughter.  They went to the Cities and spent the day with our sons, granddaughter and grandson, and then visited my brother and his family.  Wish they could've stayed a little longer.

My very dearest friend from NY and her hubby are coming to visit us near the end of October.  It'll be her first time here.  Can't wait!!!  I hope they stay for a week.  We've never met her husband...they've been married of just a year and a half.

No spinning has taken place since last I posted.  I have been knitting; started another vest in white w/iridescent firestar, but ran out of yarn.  I blended another pound and it's waiting to be spun.  In the meantime, I knitted a pair of socks and now working on a scarf and hat.  It's a slow.....go.......

I saw a comment somewhere that Christmas is less than 100 days away.  Why do people insist on writing such depressing things??!

We got our propane tank filled a few weeks ago.  $1.65 a gallon!!  It ain't going any lower, folks.  We have a 500 gal. tank.  This should carry us through till next summer....thanks to all the wood BH has ready.

Our daughter continues to have health problems.  Her right knee has been swelling, aching, sometimes giving out on her.  She's been to the orthopedic doctor and physical therapy.  She's also fallen a few times....on the same knee.  The problem comes and goes.  I don't even want to think what's coming down the road......a knee replacement, possibly.  She's not a good candidate for surgery to begin with.  I keep saying prayers.

Well, I think that's all the news from our little corner.  I'm so happy Fall is favorite season!  We'll be cutting down the perennials and putting all the yard ornaments, lights and such away in another month.  Then batten down the hatches and get ready for our hibernation.  Maybe I'll be able to get some spinning in before the holiday rush of activities and preparations.


Sandra Knapp said...

The new dining room look fabulous!! And I agree with you on the rug. It's gorgeous.

Sorry your daughter continues to have such health problems, and I do hope something positive will happen for her soon.

Enjoy your Fall. :)

Linda said...

Thank you Sandie. Hope all is going well with you and you're in good health. You enjoy a beautiful Fall!!

Judy said...

Fingers crossed all goes well with your daughters knee. Wish I could get my husband to help paint..the last time he helped was 14 years ago when he was still trying to impress me! The weather forecast is for a bad winter so enjoy autumn.

Linda said...

Thanks Judy. Yep..looking forward to the seasons; things will calm down a bit and we can hibernate. husband doesn't paint, but I'm soo thankful that he helped strip the wallpaper off. Every little bit helps! Wishing you a beautiful autumn!