Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Dyeing Here.......

So...I joined a few FB groups.  Onc is fiber dyeing.  After a month of perusing everyone's beautiful, beautiful dyeing jobs, the bug finally hit.

Hey, I've got plenty of white least 8#s I can play with.  And we're off......

I spent the last week dyeing.  Thinking of a color....and dyeing.  Hey, what if I did......and dyeing.  This would really make a great complimentary color for.....and dyeing.

Meals were prepared; dishes done every day; laundry kept up; bathroom cleaned; bed made; a little dusting, a little vacuuming.  That is all.  No time for heavy cleaning. 

Well, I think I'm dyed out for now.  But not for long.  Anywho, the heavy housework got done; plans are being made for some Spring fix-ups and yardwork.  The website and email gets checked every day to see if there's another BIG sale on white fiber.

And spinning....oh yes.  There's like 3 different spinning projects that were started before the "sweater from hell" took over.  And now they must be finished up.  Still knitting on the vest; the back is almost done; one more side to do.

But I'm still dreaming and planning colors for the next go-round.

This pink/green/lilac/blue roving is the first set of balls pictured below.  The color was off down there for some reason.

All but the yellow were dyed with food color pastes.  The yellow was dyed with turmeric.  I never used a spice before.  Love the color!  They were all kettle dyed, each was a planned color that came out something totally different.  But such varigation in the rovings!  Not a bad one in the bunch.  There is approximately 1# of every color.  Oh man!  I can't wait to start spinning these.  And dyeing some more!

There's about 2#s of white left.  I sure hope there's a sale very soon.
I'm hooked...and I got it bad.....real bad.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Adding color to your life can have great rewards.

Sandra Knapp said...

I have to agree. Not a bad color in the lot of them. They all look yummy! I'm so glad you are having such fun with it. :)

Clear Chan said...

❀❀❀❀❀❀ So Beautiful。❀❀❀❀❀❀

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