Thursday, May 7, 2015

2 Down.....12 To Go......

Yes, it's that season again.  Spring.  Cleaning, re-organizing, repairing, etc.

So one job on my list (it's been on the list for 2 yrs now, actually), was to replace the screens on the 5...count them, 5....dining room windows.  And get rid of the sun filter film that the previous owner had on the 2 windows on the west side of the house.  It had been peeling off since....forever.....a little more every time I washed the windows. 

Well, once I got into the swing of things, the screening went pretty well.  It's an old mobile home; screens were attached to the wall....behind the window moulding.  Geesh.  So it really took some ingenuity to figure out a way to put up new screens.  I won't go into the gorey details.

The window film was, let's just say....a bitch to get off.  Maybe the fact that it's probably been on the windows for 30 + years.  And each window has 3 glass panels; you know, like louvers.  Well, after hours and hours....and's done.  They are clean and bright and we can see out of them!

Curtains and shades were washed, ironed, and put back.  Now just wash the furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap, and this room is done.

Moving on.  The kitchen, hallway, spare bedroom and bathroom are next.  Family room then.  Our bedroom will be done or put on hold till Fall.  Oh....and washing the siding, repainting the skirting.  Those jobs have been on the list for 2 years also.

Then comes the fun part.   Unpacking the 20-some boxes that were packed when we anticipated moving.  Yep.  All to be undone, things placed back where they were.  Most importantly, all the crafts books, the spinning and knitting books and all the quilt patterns.  Because I've really gotta get started on quilting some time this summer.  Christmas gifts are being planned.  You can never have enough time to plan for the following Christmas.  Never.

Next week I'm hoping to get the yard work done.  Flower beds cleaned, fences up, decorations set out, weed-whacking done, seeds planted in the flower planters.  Going with marigolds this year.  Because I saved a gazillion seeds last year.

Of course, because of all this planning, there is rain in the forecast.  Today and every other day (a lot of thunderstorms predicted) for the rest of the month, it looks like.  Boy, if there was ever a time for the weather forecast to be wrong......

So with any luck, all will be accomplished and we can really enjoy the summer!  Finally.

BH suggested last night that he take me out for dinner on Mother's Day.  I've never been out for dinner on Mother's Day.  Who is this man sitting on the deck with me???   I told him I invited our daughter to come for dinner, so we would have to take her to the restaurant with us.  AND....he'll need to make reservations, I'm sure.   Well....this plan is still up in the air.  I'm really not crazy about spending the money for dinner when there's soooo many other things it would be better spent on.  Like all the gardening supplies.

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day!!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have plans to do some heavy cleaning, and the planning might take some time. Action may take longer.

Sandra Knapp said...

Maybe BH can prepare dinner at home, for you and daughter, and spend the money on the gardening supplies. That would be a win-win situation IMHO. LOL

Summer brings it's own list of problems and chores, but for some reason, everything seems easier to do when the sun is shinning and it's warm. :)

Linda said...

LOL, Arleen. You're right. I can make a hundred plans in no time at all. Acting on them..well..the stars all have to be aligned!

Oh, Sandie...I suggested that to him...but told him emphatically..."no lukewarm spaghetti, no boiled hot dogs and no box mac and cheese"!! Well...that takes care of that! Yep...I can always get moving when the sun is shining!! Must be the energy it radiates!!
Happy Mother's Day to you both! Have a great weekend!

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