Thursday, June 18, 2015

Catching Up.......

Well, it's been pretty busy here in the beautiful land of loons.  Talked to granddaughter a couple of times; she's doing well in Texas.  Still no news yet as to when they'll be shipping out for Iraq.

So I've been catching up on the Spring cleaning.  2 more rooms left to do...I'm thrilled!  Then it's on to finishing up some outside projects and doing the unpacking of boxes.

There's been plenty of spinning going on; some knitting, though I haven't been "feeling" it for the past couple of weeks.  The white vest got washed and blocked coming soon.

My uncle died a few weeks ago, 84 yrs. old.  He's had Alzheimer's for a number of years and cancer.  My father's younger brother. Now there's only 1 sibling left....their youngest brother who will be 80 next month....and I might add, in very good health.

BH and I are taking sonwhomovedherefromSCsome years ago, to the Martina McBride concert in southern MN. tomorrow.  We ordered the tickets about 3 months ago, as a surprise for him and a "thank you" for all the work he does around here when he visits.

Not to mention that he is TOTALLY in love with Martina!!  He has every album and a few video concerts....that he watches over and over again. 

It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive from our home to the event.  And we're planning on driving home tomorrow night.  Not looking forward to that.  I hate driving at night....especially when we start getting back into the rural areas.'s supposed to rain/w thunderstorms all day and into the night.  But we're taking an overnight bag just in case we feel it necessary to stop somewhere for the night.

Saturday I'm planning the Father's Day doings....because there's more rain and thunderstorms predicted for Sunday.  Hopefully, Saturday will be ideal for a cookout.  I cut up a watermelon this morning; got the potatoes on the boil for salad; going to the store and pick up some cheap steaks(??) and throw in some brown beans.  Daughter who lives in town now will be coming over, son will still be here, so it'll be a good day.

Next weekend is grandson's high school graduation party.  South of the Cities.  Another 3 hour drive down there.  And we will be coming home that night.  For sure.  Unless, of course, we're not invited.  That remains to be seen.  A huge problem has developed over the past couple of weeks between son, fiancé, granddaughter, and has spilled over onto us.  But more about that later.....or...not.

I'm so looking forward to July!  After the 4th, of course.  I hate holidays...except for Christmas.  Then we'll be free from any obligations....and can get on with our own plans.  Fingers crossed.

We still don't have the screen house up yet...too much rain, grass cutting and cool weather.  The A/C's have been sitting in the house for a few weeks....not set up yet.  We've had some very cool weather lately.  But, hey....that means the electric bill won't be going through the roof for another month.

Well, chickies.....gotta get to the store and continue on the tasks for today.   Wishing you all beautiful sunshine, comfortable temps and peaceful days.   Happy Father's Day to all your BH's !!!!

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Sandra Knapp said...

I can see you are certainly busy, busy, busy there. I am glad you are packing some things, for a possible overnight stay, should it prove necessary. I don't blame you either, I too hate driving at night, and if it's raining, it's just that much more dangerous too. I wish you all a pleasant and safe journey out and back.

Have a great Summer