Saturday, June 27, 2015


Pretty much this month.   So we took son to the Martina McBride concert last Friday.  It was amazing!!  She is a great performer.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening......and son is still talking about it.  I took videos with my camera and converted them to a DVD for him.  He got to shake her hand at the end of the concert...he was the first and only one at the edge of the stage for the last song.

Yep...that's him in the first photo.  He says he'll carry this memory with him doubt!

Got the word from granddaughter 2 days ago.....her unit will be leaving for Kuwait on June 30.  There's talk they'll be serving in Iraq as well.  God bless them all.

I've got 1 more room to do for the annual cleaning.  Plan to get at it today.  Then I'm done with all the inside work; time to move outside.  Not my favorite the summer.  The heat, humidity, bugs......LOTS of bugs....of every species.  Of course, no shortage of mosquitos.....the state bird of Minnesota.

No knitting has taken place this month.  Lots of spinning though.  However, why does it always seem that the closer you get to finishing a fiber, the longer it takes.  It seems like there's no end to this particular color.  And my patience is running thin.  I want to get it done and move on to another.

Grandson's graduation party is today.  We will not be attending.  A very, very long story.  Lots of drama from our son and his fiancé.
They have pulled us into a nasty situation which we have nothing to do with.  And now there's a lot of anger on their part at us, and a lot of hurt on our side. The fact that invitations were sent out a couple of weeks ago....but we received ours just Wednesday.  Grandson was supposed to stop by our home Sunday to invite us personally, but never showed nor called.   It makes us feel like it was never intended for us to be part of the celebration; a last minute thought or decision on their part.  Oh well.  We've been through this before with another adult kid.  This is NOT the family I grew up in.  This is NOT my parents' family.   Never will be.  What a rotten shame. today; taking daughter grocery shopping tomorrow.  That takes a few hours.

More rain in the forecast for tomorrow.  We've been getting quite a bit of rain.  I wanted so bad to douse the flowers with MiracleGrow to make them "thicker and lusher" as the advertising says, but they're wet enough with Mother Nature's help.

Still don't have the screen house up yet.  BH promises it'll be up by the Fourth of July.  We'll see......

And that's all the news from Upnorth, MN.   Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is always a thrill to see a good concert.

I hope your family crisis finds an answer and everything is cleared up.

When going out to my buggy gardens in the summer, I am always loaded up with anything and everything that will make those nasty creatures stay away. One of the best things are fabric softener towelettes I wear one in my front collar and one in my back. They work pretty well.

Sandra Knapp said...

So sorry you will miss out on your grandson's graduation, but it sounds like you made the right decision not to attend. You are quite right, this is not the world you and I grew up in, and even farther from the world our parents grew up in. Most of the time, these days, I wonder how and what happened to everything we knew, because it seems to have gone by the wayside when we were not looking. Manners......gone! Respect..............also gone! Common decency, truth and compassion...........also gone by the wayside. I just hope that the world the people are creating today, is the world they deserve.

Very glad you all had such a nice time at the concert though. Making memories, always fun to do. :)

Linda said...

Thank you, Arleen. And I will give the fabric sheets a try. I also heard in the drugstore the other day, 2 gals were saying they heard of filling a spray bottle with the cheapest brand of Listerine and spray it all over the area you're going to be in....keeps the buggers to a minimum. Gotta try this, too.

Thank you, Sandie. Yep, it's a rotten shame what's happening with people today, not to mention our own families. My mom and dad would be spinning in their graves! Thank you...we had a great time at the concert.

Wishing you both beautiful days ahead.