Saturday, October 10, 2015

This Can't Be.......

It's almost the middle of October!!  Whaaatttt......????   We have 1 more month....1 more month, chickies....till the hurrying, scurrying, nerve-rattling, mind-blowing holidays start rolling an avalanche.  Already the stores are bringing out the Christmas decorations.  WAIT!! Fall just started!!  The kids are back in school barely a month.  I don't even have the Autumn wreath on the door yet.

There's still apples to be picked, perennials to be cut down and lawn ornaments to be put away.  I'm behind schedule already.  We've been waiting for a couple of heavy frost nights for the apples.  I think we've had one.  A hard frost came through the other they will be picked tomorrow, regardless.  As for the perennials....well, they haven't quite died back yet.  Maybe this coming week, at least the yard paraphernalia can be gathered up and stored.

But Fall Festivals are everywhere!!  Every little town, village and burb is having a celebration.  Craft shows have begun and the apple cider is flowing.

For 2 weeks we've had temps in the low 50's for daytime highs; mid to low 30's at night.  Today....71.....tomorrow....83!!   83 in October is more than I can bear in northern Minnesota. No. No. No.  It's just not right.  A/C's were removed last week; the fans were cleaned and stored away this week.  Of course.  At least BH didn't get the "bug" to put up the storm windows yet!

BH is happy.... he's back to logging.  So every afternoon, I get a tally of how many trees, how many cuts, how many total pieces are stacked for next year, how many more trees he needs to cut, how many more pieces that will give him....yada,yada,yada.  You get the picture.  But at least it gets him out of the house for a few hours.

I've been knitting and spinning like crazy.  For no particular reason other than I really want to get as much fiber spun up as is humanly possible from now till next Spring.  There's a LOT of fiber.  I should live so long.

Just a few things off the needles this summer/fall.  Haven't taken any spinning pics for some reason.  Hmmm......

We took a trip back to NY to see family over the Labor Day holiday.  Stayed for 10 days.  It was good seeing family again.  We haven't been back in 5 years since my parents passed away.  It sure was a different feeling, one that was uncomfortable and makes us realize, yeah, this will never be the same again.

Daughter and I have been spending a lot of Saturdays out and about.  Traveling around to different areas, just having a good time.  Today, we're going to a craft show in the next town.  First one of the season for us.  It'll be fun.  She really enjoys our time out together.

Skyped with granddaughter earlier this week.  She tells me that rumors are going around they'll be home for Christmas!!  She's in Kuwait, been there since June.  Their tour was supposed to be till the end of January.  Don't know what happened; don't care.  Just bring her HOME!!  We're soooo excited....I pray this comes to fruition.  She tells me the took a lot of tools to another base to be re-calibrated; they were told to inform family no more packages or mail is to be sent to them after Oct. 15 and the troops will be moving from barracks to tents next week, making room for their replacements coming in.  

Son bought a new car a couple months ago.  So he's in 7th heaven!  It's his "dream car", he tells us.  My caveat to him:  "if I hear you bought 1 replacement part, I'll never speak to you again!"   He likes to "soup" up his cars.  His apartment is loaded with boxes of new parts...including a transmission and 2 engines.  It's a sickness.  Kind of like someone buying pounds and pounds of wool, stored in large totes

Well, that's about all the news.  I think we're caught up now.  See you before the snow flies.......I hope.


Sandra Knapp said...

Oh boy, your needles have been busy. Good for you, everything looks fabulous!!

We are still waiting for a killing frost. Not seen one yet, but we have had a couple of light frosts scattered about. I have a section of leaves on my Maple tree that are burned, and the tops of all my Hosta plants are brown and burnt too. But nothing heavy enough to burn everything back. The apples are gorgeous and heavy this year. I wish I were younger and still had the energy to do all the canning and such I did once. But these days I struggle just to get a simple apple cake made. I'm stashing as many apples as I can, in the fridge, but the deer will most likely get to enjoy the majority of them. And I'm eating them as much as possible, right off the tree too. At the rate I've been putting them down, I might turn into an apple........LOL Actually, I'm sitting here eating one of my apples as I type this. :)

I won't be hurrying and scurrying this Fall or Winter. There will be no turkey dinners here either. It's all beyond me these days, but I have the great memories of all those wonderful Holiday feasts of years past to enjoy, which is fine with me now.

Have fun with your spinning. Also, happy to hear hubby has found something to get him up and out for a while too. Been there before too, so I totally get it. LOL

Linda said...

LOL, Sandie! Yeah, I agree with you about the upcoming holiday seasons. I wish we could put it all behind us sometimes. Enjoy those apples! Was planning on picking ours today, but hubbie says give it a few more days. Thank you for the very nice comments on the knitted goods. Wishing you beautiful, peaceful, colorful Fall days! Stay warm and healthy!

Judy said...

Beautiful work and awesome news on your granddaughter. I hope all goes as planned and she is home for Christmas. So far as the holidays, sometimes it feels like they are shoving them down our throats. I would love to enjoy each season before being rushed into the next. Two weeks after school let out they had school supplies and lists out. Time flies fast enough as it is!

Linda said...

Thank you, Judy. Yes...2 months from today is Christmas! Yikes! Next month, the stores will probably be stocking Valentine's things...or worse....Easter! Hope all is well with you and the family.