Thursday, July 21, 2016


I haven't posted in almost 4 months??!!!  Yikes....time is just zipping by! these past months:

Daughter had knee replacement, which means I stayed with her for 4 weeks.  Thank goodness she lives just a couple blocks from us.  Then it was PT twice a week for 8 weeks.

BH did something to his hip on the very day of her surgery.  He was unable to walk more than a few feet, couldn't stand for any length of time, and had to walk at a 90 degree angle.  He also couldn't lay in bed, so slept for 5 weeks in the recliner.  Until we finally got in to see the ortho surgeon.

I took a run home a couple times a day to make sure he was ok, was eating, and I straightened up the house.

He finally had xrays done, which then led to an MRI.  Yes, his hip is shot, very little cartiledge left, but his back is in real bad condition.  The nerve cord is crushed at the bottom of his spine, he has herniated discs and dissolving cartiledge between the discs.  So....cortisone injections into the nerve cord to ease the pain.  Forever.  Or until it no longer works.  Then we're talking surgery.

So, when I finally did come home from daughter's, there was a lot of cleaning to do.  Yeah....that took a few weeks.   In between Doctor's appointments, lab work, xrays, yada, yada, yada.  We just finished the last of it this Tuesday.  Nothing on the calendar for 3 months when daughter goes for another cortisone shot in her elbow.  Yep.....that's bad too.

Then there was BH's 80th birthday party to prepare.  Which wasn't supposed to happen until September, giving me a breather for a couple of months.  But....circumstances beyond my control, which I won't go into......and.....badabing, badaboom.......I've got 2 weeks to put a big party together.   I was LIVID.   But...sallied forth.   And now that it's over, I'm sooooo happy it went that way.

In between all this, I've been knitting and spinning.   More spinning than knitting.  I just don't have the mojo for it.   It took me over 2 months to finish a colorwork patterned ski hat;  and I've been working on a "no brainer" scarf/shawl for the past 4 months.  Just recently have I had the want to pick it up and continue.

I finished knitting my grey Aran sweater before daughter's surgery.  Put all the pieces in a storage tote.  They're still in it.  Waiting to be blocked and sewn together.  I checked some websites last week for Celtic metal stamped buttons for it.  Found them.  Haven't ordered them yet.

We are in our 2nd of 4 days of daily temps in the mid 90's.  With humidity at 120 percent. Yeah....120 percent.  I don't care what the weatherman says.   It's stifling; downright brutal.  Unbearable.  Fans and both A/C's running 24/7.   I can't wait for Fall.

This is the time when I say......ok.  That's enough Summer.  Let's move it on.

Hopefully, my next post will be sooner.  Hopefully, with pictures.   Hopefully, Fall comes very early this year!!!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am sorry to hear all your bad news. Being the caregiver is so difficult and sometimes underappreciated. I hope you had some help at times. It seems like it is hot all over and as much as I love summer, I am hoping that cool breezes will come soon. May you and your family have better days ahead.

Linda said...

Thank you, Arleen. I hope your summer is going well for you. caregiver help, unfortunately. Which lead to BH agreeing to go to the doctor when I hit him with "we were supposed to be taking care of our daughter together; you were supposed to be my reprieve so I could get some rest and take care of things at home; refusing to go to the doctor is very, very selfish on your part". Sometimes you just gotta shame them into doing what's right! All is good now, knock on wood!