Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back At It.......

This has been a wonderful 4 days. I have gotten so much accomplished, I amaze even myself!

Went back to work today. It was great having a few days off after getting home from NY.

Got the yardwork done. Scrubbed down the dining room yesterday; did the kitchen ceiling tonight. Tomorrow I can paint both ceilings. Get the screens and windows washed; wash all the katchkis and finish cleaning the kitchen. BH cleaned the fans for me tonight. He's soooo good.

Today we were in the 80's!! Holy cow --- I think we better get the pool up very soon and get the air conditioners set up. What beautiful weather.

While I'm wading in gallons of Spic and Span with a spritz of 409, I'm daydreaming of the time to come when I can finally get back to spinning! I dream of my days off, evenings, BH gone fishing for the whole day ---and I can spin to my heart's content! I think this gives me the extra zap of energy to keep pushing to get this tedious housework done.

I have been knitting, though. I manage to get about an hour every morning before the routine of the day begins. I did start that shawl before we left for our trip. Nice easy pattern; 4 pattern rows. Nothing I haven't done before. I've knitted many sweaters with hardly any trouble. What could go wrong, right?

HAH! I ripped the damn thing out 6 ----yes, 6 times. Then I decided, ok, maybe this isn't the "mindless" knitting I thought it would be. Went to the stitch book, picked out another pattern. Ah, the Trinity stitch. I've done that many times. It's easy!

HAH! Somehow, my bobbles weren't staggered as they were supposed to be; kept lining up on top of each other! Riippppp. Again. Rrriiippp. Again. Rrriippp.
Switched to bigger needles; switched to circular needles. Finally! I now have about 2 1/2 inches knitted. All the while, the second red sock is sitting on the table and I can hear " you should've finished me first. I'm almost done; 2 more rows and then the toe. You could've had another pair of socks done. But Noooo. You had to start something new!"

I really, really need to get back to spinning!

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Judy said...

I finished a baby afghan and haven't touched fiber to spin or knit since Sunday. I sat there this morning wondering what I should start. Nothing came to mind so I am going to scout Ravelry and hope something bites me and gets me out of this lull.