Sunday, May 16, 2010

There's No Place Like Home..............

Hello, one and all! There truly is no place like home. I can't tell you how many times I clicked my heels together.....

Our visit was not as long as we had thought it would be. Found out that my dad had no appointments after that Friday. The Doctor had put a hold on everything until Pop goes for a CAT scan tomorrow.

But I did take Mom out on a couple of errands; to the salon, grocery shopping. We could only spend the morning and early afternoon with them; then it was nap time and my dad was worn out. We didn't see them much in the evenings.

We stayed at my sister's house, which is about 25 minutes from my parents'. We felt very comfortable, but it's not home. You still feel that you're putting people out.

And our son was very happy to see us. But then again, he didn't know we were coming until the last minute, so he couldn't arrange to get time off from work. And our daughter-in-law works full time days, waitresses on the weekends and goes to college week nights. So..... Did see the grandsons a few times.

My hip finally, finally felt much better by last Saturday. I was taking ibuprophen as often as I could while driving to NY and for a couple days after we arrived.

So we told the family on Tuesday that we were leaving the next day. No body seemed all that disappointed, which was a good thing. We got home Thursday evening. It rained all the way home, but that was nice, too.

Then it started......

Messages on the phone. 2 from the brother of our friend who is now in a nursing home. He wanted us to bring her storage containers to her apartment because his family was coming up Saturday to clean out her place. We are 4 containers short because she had told us to go ahead and use them, give them to the kids, whoever needed them. Yikes!! Oh great!

Trip to Walmart on Friday to buy containers. (Walmart is an hour away from home ----- and we just drove 1200 miles in a day and a half!) Well, then, we might as well go grocery shopping on the way home ----- after we drop off the containers at her apartment.

Saturday was a beautiful day! I have not called into work yet to tell them I'm back. I really need this weekend to catch up on everything. Cleaned the house; weedwacked the areas outside. Decided I would clean the flower beds and bring out all the yard ornaments on Sunday. Which is what I did today; another gorgeous day!

Mountains of laundry; pay the bills; file daughter's paperwork. Called work this afternoon to let them know I'll be coming in tomorrow. need to be cleaned; air conditioners set up (we're supposed to be in the high 80's by next weekend). Windows need to be washed outside.

And BH is going to putty, scrape and paint the living room and utility room windows outside, but I said I could get at it. He's still working on getting the grass cut - tomorrow will be 3 days he's been mowing!

Then I really have to get the kitchen and dining room ceilings washed and painted; clean kitchen cupboards, wash down the walls.

Shooting to set up the pool either next weekend or the weekend after. We're not quite sure if we're going to move it to the other side of the house or set it up in the usual spot.

I still haven't been able to find the sheets I want to make the dining room curtains. Walmart is revamping the stores. Supposed to be done in a couple of weeks. Good. Because you can't find a damn thing! And the stock is here one week, gone the next. I know exactly what I want; they just never have enough of them in stock at one time! Geezz. Work with me, people!!

Then I think we'll be done for the most part. The living room needs to be painted, but I don't care if I get it done now or in the Fall. Oops, except I do need to shampoo the furniture. Damn. Ok, I'll get that done. Might as well wash the blinds and curtains while I'm at it. Crap. Might as well shampoo the carpet, too.

Ahhhh, there's no place like home!!

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Judy said...

I need a vacation just from reading your to do list! Good to hear your hip is better.