Monday, May 24, 2010

Say It With Me.....95.......9..5......

Yes, dear friends, today it was 95 degrees in Minneapolis. And though we are 3 hours north, we had 88 degrees. The weather guy said Mpls. hasn't seen this temp on this date since 1897! Holy crap! It is waayy to early for this kind of heat! The humidity is about 70. More to come tomorrow.

I came home from work today to find all the windows still open (I am an optimist), the fans still going on "low" and the A/C not ON!! BH has been home all day - most of the time in the house. What is WRONG with him??!! I proceeded to shut the windows, turn the fans up high and power on the A/C. We still have one more air conditioner to put in the window in the family room. Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. Would have done it today, but he was so tired (from the heat, no doubt) and we had grocery shopping to do. A LOT of grocery shopping. Son, his friend and our grandson are coming up Friday night for a weekend of fishing. We also have to pick up daughter as she wants to come home for the weekend, too.

This means lots of cooking, baking and BBQing. I sure hope the weather cools down a lot by Friday! Geezzz.

How's the Spring cleaning going, you ask. Glad you asked. I did manage to get the 2 ceilings painted and the dining room carpet shampooed. And the shades ironed and put back on the windows --- since last Tuesday(?). Then it all came to a screaching halt.

I don't know what is going on with BH, but I can't get anything done. I love to work around the house in the evening. This is my favorite time. But I'm hearing "you're not doing any more tonight?" "that's enough for today; you've done enough" "you're doing too much". Aarrgghhh. I want to get this done! Cleaning is low on my totem pole and when I'm in the mood, I want to keep at it til it's done!! I have other important (fun) things I want to do with my free time!

Now we'll have company for the weekend. No big whoop. We're going to be swamped at work, too. But I swear, come Tuesday night and Wednesday and Thursday, nobody better get in my way!

We still don't have the pool up yet. Yeah, can you imagine. Hot, humid temps for the past 4 days ----- no pool! The water would've felt like bath water by now!

Of course, with all this humidity and the thunderstorms we had yesterday, the grass needs to be cut again --- and weedwhacking too. Good grief!

Oh yeah. The shawl I've been working on. I finished up 1 ball of yarn, got about 8". I have 4 balls of yarn totaling about 13 ounces. You guessed it. Not going to be enough. This will be ripped out when I am in a more peaceful state. As of now, I took another ball and started over again. Less stitches so it won't be soooo wide; bigger needles. After I finish this ball, if it still doesn't figure out right, I'm chucking the whole thing. By that time, I should be able to get back to spinning. And no, I did not finish the sock yet, either. Right now I'm tempted to put all the knitting away until Fall. When it's cool. And my house is all clean and organized. And BH will be watching the World Series in the evenings.

Sounds like a plan!


Judy said...

Would it be witchy of me to say keep that heat over there? Oh well I guess it is too late anyhow we are due to be in the upper 80's today. My garden will love it but I know I won't.

Linda said...

No, no. I understand. I wish I could send the temps somewhere else; I wish it would be 75 degrees all summer! Enjoy your garden, Judy, and those lovely little lambs. Sooo cute!