Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is going to be my new catch "seriously". "seriously?" "are you serious?" "no. seriously".

I've heard it quite often. It makes me chuckle to myself when I hear it in context. I think it takes the place of "Duhh".

I think my age is beginning to show. It is beginning to hit me where it hurts. Cases in point:

While perusing FB, I go to some photos of my stepdaughter. The caption reads "J has his first lemon shot". Ok. It seems my 13 year old grandson is doing a lemon liquer shot with his mother. The apple of my husband's eye; his youngest child, who has brought herself up from the depths of adversity, being a single mom, now in school for her registered nurse degree, daughter of an alcoholic, floozy mother.


My youngest brother (age 42) has just moved out of the duplex my sister bought so he and his 11 year old son could have a stable place to live, rented another house so he could re-unite with his ex wife, who got pregnant by another man while still married to my brother, and now has 5 kids by 4 different men (including the one by brother) and was a hooker when my brother met her. Oh, but that's not the punchline. He left my sister's house in a shambles. Holes in the walls; cat and dog urine drenched carpeting throughout; bathroom ceiling falling in (which he was supposed to replace a year ago. Sister bought the supplies), a backyard torn up and covered in dog crap, 2 broken inside doors to be replaced, and God knows what else.


Son calls Monday night to say the maintainence guys for his apartment complex are coming in to fix the damage from a leaking roof and repaint. He must move all his belongings to the center of the room. He's going to have to take Tuesday off from work. Can't have strangers moving his posessions all around. He found a bedbug crawling up the wall above his bed. OMG! What does this mean? Where did it come from? Are there more? He's gotta move. He's going to have to break his lease. And his paycheck got lost. Payroll dept. doesn't know where it is or how to track it down.


Our handicapped daughter was supposed to receive her renter's rebate check last week. (it's a Minnesota thing). Stepson got his right on time. Daughter .........not yet!! I keep checking her bank account for the deposit. Nope. So I went to the State's website. Page entitled "Where's my refund?". Filled out the required info. Answer: Amount has been deposited in your account as requested on your rebate form. We are not responsible for the bank's posting of the check. Contact your bank as to the deposit status.


We were informed yesterday at work that this weekend will be another full house; a wedding in town. We are down to 4 housekeepers. No prospects in sight. Not to mention that next weekend - Labor Day - full house for 3 days. We have a weekend of festivities here in our little berg which anyone from 500 miles around seems to want to partake.


Ah, the Egg Scare. I have a dozen and half eggs in my fridge. The local tv station has been giving us updates and warnings for the past 5 days. They say they have updated their website with more distributors and lot numbers. I go on the site this morning. My egg cartons are not listed there. Good. The lot numbers? On my egg cartons, the print does not show up and most of the numbers are missing!


The eggs will be going out to the compost pile. The foxes and raccoons are on their own!!

Let's get back to FB. Yes, I admit I've been spending more time there than I ever thought I would. I'm trying to fit in. Not going to happen. These people are mostly my relations. I have nothing in common with them. I have tried. SERIOUSLY. I'm not into the games. I don't care when your dentist appointment is or what time you went to bed last night. My SIL who is on FB chat quite a bit, so I thought "great! at least I'll get to chat it up with her", has announced that she will be taking time off from FB and chat to go full speed ahead with her crafting for some craft shows coming up.


And I have been spinning. Right now I'm doing a black Shetland. About 3 or 4 pounds worth. To be plied with a handpainted singles in fall colors. I bought the Shetland wool a . long . time . ago. Over the internet, from a spinning group who gets it from a zoo, processes it and sells it for charity.

I love the Shetland. It's soft, luxurious, makes beautiful yarn. That is, once you have just about ripped out all your hair and vow on your saved soul that you will never spin again! That's right. It has been carded, but with a lot of teeny, tiny bits of vegetable matter, knots, short cuts, lumps, bumps and anything else that may have worked its way into the wool. Spin 2 inches. stop. remove undesirables. spin. stop. remove. spin......stop........ You get the picture.

Oh and that's not all. I also have about 2 pounds of grey Shetland wool I bought at the same time. It's still sitting in the storage tote. Waiting. Snickering at me. I can hear it.


Well I guess I better hike myself up by my bootstraps and get at it. I have a feeling it's going to be quite a while before I'm knitting with this particular yarn.


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