Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Rise and Fall......

Ok, so last week the temperature kept rising and rising, as did the humidity. I swear it has to go higher than 100%!! I mean, when you sweat just breathing ---c'mon. You know it's higher than 100%. Hate it. Hate. It.

Ahh, but this week -- it is cool. I mean really cool. That's cool! I've had enough of summer. Bring on the Fall. I absolutely love Fall. But unfortunately, not what comes after. (the W word).

I have been spinning like crazy. Almost got one storage tub of roving finished. Not a large tub, mind you, but hey, it's a tub that's just about finished. No knitting yet. But I have been thinking of the next project.

I've also got sewing on my mind. I'm thinking of setting up the table in the spare room and getting started on a quilt that will be a Christmas present for son and fiance.

There are a few things yet to do around the house. I'm thinking after Labor Day I'll get started on that. I do a lot of thinking. Now if I could just put it into action! Geezz.

What else? Well, work, work, work. Very busy. That's another reason I can't wait for summer to be over. People will go home. The work load will ease up a bit. And I'll have more time for --- spinning, knitting and sewing! More "me" time. We never seem to have enough.

Son, fiance and grandson were supposed to come up this past weekend. We had to cancel. Damn! 2 weeks before, they had to cancel. Looks like we may not get together until Christmas! And that depends on the weather.

Why cancel? Well, BH hurt his leg a couple of weeks ago. I think I mentioned that before. Anyway, he tried to go fishing that Wednesday. No go. Couldn't manuever around in the boat. Has trouble walking. Soooo-----called and made an appointment with the doctor on Monday. We went yesterday. He had an xray. Yep. 2 shards of steel in the knee. One on the side and one in the middle of the kneecap. Small shards; 3mm and 2.5mm. The one on the kneecap BH says happened some time ago. (Hmmm, never heard about that one!) The one on the side is the trouble maker. It's not in the bone, but under the skin. How far, the doc doesn't know.

Then the doc starts talking about contacting a general surgeon. BH turns white. I can tell his brain is screaming "danger. Danger. Delete. Delete". He asks the question "what if I just leave it alone?" "Well, you could do that and hope it doesn't get infected. If it does, that could mean more problems".

Needless to say, he's going to take the gamble and wait it out. Silly man. I don't have a good feeling about this.

I know you've heard this before, but "it's a good thing men don't have to give birth. There would be no human race"!!

Well, you know the routine. Housework today. More spinning, hopefully. Tomorrow I'm hoping we can take a day trip. I heard about a great restaurant about an hour from here. I would really like to try it out. For you northern Minnesotans, do you know "Gordy's" up in Cloquet? My friend was telling me about the great food and extensive menu. When she mentioned "taco salad", she had me! I would travel anywhere for taco salad!

Need to make an appointment for an oil change on the van. The car has been repaired. Has it ever! $567.00 worth. Holy s**t!! But I can't say I didn't contemplate it was going to be quite an ordeal. So it wasn't a total surprise.

Finally got daughter's new A/C put in and her new dresser was delivered last week. I haven't seen it yet. She said all went well. No scratches or dings. They put it in place for her and she put her clothes in the drawers. God, I hope she didn't pack them in. She says she didn't. But her idea of "packing" and mine are a bit different! Maybe I'll get there next week and check it out.

Anybody on "Facebook"? I was on it for a while. Then I cancelled it a couple of months ago. This week I re-joined. I don't know. I just don't get it. I read all the posts, check out who's there, see if anyone new joined. But I just don't get it!! I guess I'm just not one to report what I had for supper every day, or that the cat just threw up another hairball. Am I missing something?? Actually, I wanted to chat with my SIL, but everytime I'm on, she's not.

Ohhh, another gold star for me!! I finally got the collage frames done and hung on the dining room wall! All I have left now is the collage of fishing pictures for BH to hang in the spare room. I'll get to that eventually.

Hey, does this remind you of "Facebook" blogs and blurbs?? Uh oh.

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