Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ok, tornadoes have nothing to do with tomatoes, and visa versa. We have been under sooo many tornado watches and warnings these past 2 months, I am sick to death! Enough already! No more with the tornado scare. Pleeassee!

Yesterday's weather alert had warnings and watches until 1:00am this morning. I went to bed at 10:30; BH said he would stay up until the danger passed. I don't know what time he came to bed. He's such a good guy!

And don't get me started on the heat and humidity! What the hell is this?! This is Minnesota, for god's sake. You know, Northern USA; and we live way north. Where's the cool weather, breezy temps, beautiful skies? And the RAIN! Geezz.

We've been swamped at work. Not good on hot, humid days. The energy level drops real quick.

After 3 weeks of running into the town where the daughter lives ( an hour each direction), we finally found out her hip is not out of place; all is good. We also managed to find the much needed dresser, which will be delivered this Wednesday. Which means another trip to her apartment to remove the old dresser. I hope this is it for a while.

Finally got the car into the repair shop. Yep. Not good. The right wheel hub was shot; brakes were bad; rotors bad; tune-up, yes. Ok. Do it. It has to be done. Our mechanic said if we waited for the hub assembly to come in, he could do the brakes at the same time and save us labor costs. Because the brakes have to come off to replace the hub. Ok. Sounds good.

Total cost: $562.00. And the left hub will need to be replaced some time. "They can last a long time or go quickly", says the mechanic. Also "the rear brakes will need to be replaced before the snow flies".

I seriously need to start playing the Lottery! Keep on working.

BH's leg is doing much better. Did I tell you that a piece of steel broke off the sledge hammer while he was chopping wood and hit the side of his knee - right on the bone? Well, it did. Laid him up for almost a week. No infection, thank God.

Son, fiance and grandson are supposed to come up this weekend. I'm taking Saturday off from work. The hell with it. I need some "fun" time. They were supposed to be here 2 weeks ago but she got some kind of bug and under the weather for quite some time.

Now I have to plan Saturday's dinner. There are 4 trout in the freezer. We better eat them soon. Son can show me how to cook them. I did buy steaks (cheapy ones, but very good). We can have "surf and turf" poorman style!

I see by the clock on the wall that I better get my arse moving. Breakfast, cleanup and get ready for work. Think "Lottery" tickets!

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