Thursday, July 29, 2010

There Must Be a Full Moon!......

This has been one very weird day! There must be a full moon tonight.

Got the housecleaning done. Yea! But......

I totally forgot to take the car up to the mechanic for an oil change and tune up as well as check to see why it's rumbling underneath! I'll have to stop there on my way to work tomorrow, make my apologies and re-schedule for next Thursday. I hope. Then I'm going to put a big note on the fridge so I won't forget again. (I did have a note next to the phone, on the kitchen counter. I cleaned the counter today and never noticed the note!)

Son and company were coming up this weekend for fishing. So I thought I would make 2 pies for dessert on Saturday - a Dutch apple and a strawberry/rhubarb. Just got the pie dough all rolled out and Son calls. Fiance is down with some kind of bug. She's been fighting it for a couple of weeks. Re-schedule in another 2 weeks.

Hmmm. The apples, strawberries and rhubarb are partially thawed, pie dough is in the pans. Better finish the pies. They can go into the freezer. BH may want to keep one out, though. Ok. I have enough of each fruit to make up another in 2 weeks.

BH was out sawing and chopping wood today. Out of my hair all day. Great. But by 12:00, I finished my work and I don't hear the chain saw or the mallet. Oh well, he's probably puttering around back there. At about 1:45 I hear the outside spiquet turn on. Oh well, he's busy with something. Then I see him coming up the stairs. He's limping. What's wrong? Nothing. He sits down on the deck to take off his shoes. There are strange spots on his socks; there's dried blood on the side of his knee. What happened??

Well, he was hitting the wedge with the mallet when a piece of steel broke off the mallet and flew into his leg. Shrapnel. It hit the bone on the side of the knee. A bloody gash about 2 1/2" long. Dried blood, thank goodness. So it's onto the recliner, ice pack and pillow under the knee. He then proceeds to tell me that when it happened, he washed the blood off and started feeling nauseous, lightheaded. He had to sit outside, in the back yard, for a while before he could manage to come in the house! We are on "wound watch" now. He is still in a lot of pain.

"This is why you cannot be outside by yourself. This is why I'm constantly asking you what you're doing" was my statement. "No more outside by yourself for you" is my ruling. Which he will overrule.

Then I forgot all about the bills that I wanted to get written out tonight so I can drop them in the mail tomorrow morning. Geez. I will have to write out a couple in the morning so they get out on time.

I keep thinking today is Friday.

We sat down to watch "Sherlock Holmes" with Robert Downey, Jr last night. Got our strawberry sundaes ready; put the dvd in. 15 minutes into the movie, BH says "are you sure this is the right movie?" "Of course it is" I spouted out as soon as he finished his sentence. Ten seconds later: "wait a minute. Did you see his name in the opening?" "No" says BH.

I get up, get the sleeve it came in and read the movie plot. Son- of- a- pup! IT'S THE WRONG MOVIE! THEY SENT US THE WRONG MOVIE! This has actors we never heard of and the plot has dinosaurs and a giant squid!! It IS a Sherlock Holmes movie, though.

Go to the computer. Get the movie provider up. Go to our que. Check our listings. Check "Sherlock Holmes" movies. One listed for 2009. Check the plot and actors. Yep. That's the one we wanted. BUT NOT THE ONE WE GOT! The bad one was not even listed.

Clicked on "report a problem". You bet. Checked "rate this movie". WHOA, BABY!! You wouldn't believe the tens of people who got the same wrong movie! Lots of anger out there! So I added my 2 cents. And re-ordered the movie we want. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Let's see. What else weird happened? Oh. I started putting pictures together for my collage frames. On the computer. Got the first four frames all printed out. 4 pictures each frame. The next 2 frames have 5 picture slots each. The pictures I want for these ----- well, the number 8 total. That leaves me with 2 blank openings to fill. I do not have any more pictures for these. They are supposed to be candid photos of all our grown kids - 8 kids. Crype sakes!

So, on the computer. Look up clip art. Find Irish symbols. Yes!! The "Tree of Life" and the "Claddagh". Perfect! Now I'll just print the pictures and symbols out tomorrow. Geez, I hope the printer doesn't run out of ink!

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