Friday, July 16, 2010

I Did It!.......

It's done! Finally after almost 2 years of sitting in the box, my Traveler wheel is completed -- and in use! Hey, no grass grows under my feet -- after 2 years, that is.

My first double treadle wheel. Using both feet came pretty easy, but the spinning......... I felt like I was just learning how to spin! That took me a day to get the hang of drafting and controling the feed onto the bobbin. Don't know why. It just seemed to be happening all that much faster. Anyway, wheel and I are doing fine now and I love it.

I did 2 coats of Danish oil instead of the staining and varnishing. The oil worked beautifully and much, much faster to finish so we (BH and I) could get on with the construction.

I love spinning wheels.

I see on the weather report on our local news that we're in for another jolt of heat for Saturday and Sunday. We're even supposed to have severe thunderstorms with damaging hail, winds and tornado watches -- same as we had on Wednesday. And guess what? Yep, we're supposed to take our daughter out for a new dresser tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work. This was supposed to be done this past Wednesday, but -- severe thunderstorms, damaging hail, winds and tornado watches cancelled out the day. Good grief! This girl won't get her dresser until October if this keeps up. I wonder what she'll say if I have to call her tomorrow and cancel until -- Wednesday -- again!

I finally redid all the grandkids' pictures to put into new frames. I've had the frames for about 2 months, and the pictures have been off the wall about that long. Now all I have to do is put them in the frames and back on the wall. Well, at least it's not 2 years!

Still have to get some pictures of the family together for the collage frames. That just might take another couple of months.

I'm thinking I might get back to the Spring cleaning next week. Probably Wednesday -- if another storm hits!

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Judy said...

It must be the year of the new but unused wheels. I got out my electric Babe this year and started to spin on that. Goes faster but noisy so have to be listening to the ipod. Maybe the storms will hold off. Have a great weekend