Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Step Forward....Five Steps Backwards

That's right.....5 steps backwards! Not 1. Not 2. Not even 3.

Things were going along pretty good these past couple of weeks. Spinning wheel assembled, oiled, used. Grandkids pictures in new frames, hung on the wall. 8 bobbins of spun wool have been plied, washed and are now dry. Pictures of the unassembled wheel have been taken. Laundry and shopping done. Wool that was half spun some time ago for socks is now being finished spinning (does that make sense?) Now this is where it starts sliding backwards:

So the goal is to finish spinning all the roving that has been partially spun up for a specific project. Before moving on to the roving that has been sitting, waiting for it's turn to become something gorgeous and usable!

I digress. I have taken pictures of the wheel, unassembled; need to take photos of it assembled with said bobbin of spun wool. I will do that. And then put it in a future post.

In the works: find pictures for the other collage frames, print, frame and hang on the wall.
My 8 skeins of washed yarn are still waiting to be balled up and weighed. I will get to that by the end of the week. This week. I hope.

Regular housecleaning tomorrow. Maybe Spring clean the utility room on Thursday. Or continue spinning. Depends on the weather and humidity.

Work has been excruciating. Weekdays are seeming like weekends. Very busy. Long hours. Makes me very tired when I get home. Can't get much done.

The humidity has not been conducive to my energy level. Therefore, things are put off, waiting for a better day. Not good.

Daughter called last night to tell me she fell while cleaning her bathroom on Sunday. Outside the shower stall, she stepped on a patch of water and WHOOPS down she went -- on her knees -- legs "spread eagle". This is not good for her hip replacement.
"Why didn't you call the doctor this morning and get an appointment?"
"Because I really didn't have that much pain until tonight".
"Julie, when things like this happen, you have to call the doctor as soon as possible. You can't put this off".
"I know. I'll call tomorrow."

Well, she did call "tomorrow" - today. Get this: the receptionist tells her "the on-call doctor is in surgery all morning. You need to leave a message with the triage nurse".

What??? There's no other doctors in the office to see patients today?? "I'll call" says I. I call. I get the same answer. "You mean there's no doctors in today?" "Oh yes", says she. But the on-call doctor needs to make that decision. I can call him and ask him what he recommends", says she.

Wait a Bloody Minute!!!! The doctor is in surgery and she's going to call him to see what he wants to do about my daughter???

Yes, ok. Call me back with his answer. In the meantime, I call daughter and tell her if she doesn't hear from the triage nurse by 8:45, call the Urgent Care clinic and make an appointment for today.

Receptionist calls back. The other doctor, who is in the office today says he can see daughter tomorrow at 1:45! But, says I, she needs to be seen right away. If the hip has come out of socket, her surgeon needs to know this. The hip joint needs to be put back in place as soon as possible. Well.........says she. I think we'll take her to the UC clinic today, says I. Ok, let me know if there's anything else we can do for you, says she. Riigghhtt!! thinks I.

Call work; explain the situation; ask for the day off. No problem. Off to the clinic. Mind you, I see the board in the entryway with all the departments listed in the clinic. There Is No Orthopedic Department in the Building!!! You know what this means.

She is seen - not by a doctor - by a PA who looks like he just graduated high school and this is his summer job. Arranges for an xray. Xray shows no dislocation, "as far as I can see", says he. Take this prescription, which may cause problems with your coumadin so take it sparingly and apply ice to the sore area for a few days. P.S. We never did see a doctor!

What the hell!! I tell her if she is still in pain by Sunday, call the orthopedic clinic on Monday and get in there.

2 1/2 hours later we are home. I am exhausted. I need a nap. I'm hungry. Have a sandwich, take a nap. Light supper and a movie. And here I am. Blogging. It's very late. I'm tired. I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. Unless I get out of bed backwards! Then all bets are off.

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