Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's A Gold Star Day......

Yep, a gold star day for me! Did the housecleaning (except the 2 bedrooms, for tomorrow); balled up 8 skeins of yarn; washed the 2 pair of socks and a knit hat that were finished sometime ago and spun for about 2 hours this morning.

What's next on the list?

I'm going to frog the shawl I started. Don't know what I'm going to do with this yarn. It's just not talking to me. The patterns I've tried scream "NO, NO, not this one!"

I've got paperwork to do tomorrow; some filing. And I have to call daughter's dentist and find out what the hell is going on; why her medical coverage will pay for only 1 cleaning per year now!!

Good grief. I could make a job out of this. People have problems with the powers that be, I could make the calls and get the answers or get things straightened out. Don'tcha think?? I'll have to put some thought on that. Could be a gold mine!

Tomorrow I want to make potato salad. I have been craving potato salad. I love potato salad!

Weather might be nasty. Supposed to have more rain. If it doesn't come during the day, then weedwhacking will be in order. And maybe I can finally get the window frame in the utility room painted. Inside and outside needs to be done.

And then there's a few errands that need to be done. Sounds like a full day for me. Maybe I can get another gold star!

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Rani said...

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes! I had a great day . . . week. About that potato salad - I read a few Garrison Keilor (sp) books - you know - the Lake Wobegon stuff. And let me tell you - by the time I was halfway through the first, I was pulling out my collection of Lutheran cookbooks and making several different potato salads! HA HA HA! I know that craving, sistah!