Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wheels and Yarn and Daydreams, OH MY!!

Yea for me! I finally did something before schedule. I oiled my spinning wheel parts today. It was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but the the severe thunderstorm warning with possible tornado activity this morning put a halt to the trip to daughter's for dresser shopping.

So after spending most of the morning watching and listening to the storm (which didn't turn out all that bad), dealing with the high humidity again, writing out the last of the bills for the month, I decided "what the hell". Threw caution to the wind and started unpacking the wheel. Wow. I had forgotten how many wooden parts there are to a spinning wheel. Then it was lunch and nap time.

I had to go to training class this afternoon. I somehow agreed to be an election judge for our town. I don't know how this happened. I remember the phone call asking if I could please do this thing. I must have said "yes", because I then was given the option of afternoon or evening session. Then I was informed that the Primary vote is August 10. And was asked how many hours could I work. And could I work in the morning because a lot of people don't want the morning hours. "Sure" says I. "I can be there at 6:00am and I'll work til 12:00pm. That'll be fine".

So as of this afternoon, I have an 85 page manual that I have to study before Aug. 10 and I'm also locked in for the General election in November. What??!!

I would say all of this happened before I had my first cup of coffee, but I know that's not it. I can down a POT of coffee within the first hour I'm out of bed. And I've been getting up at 5:00am for some ungodly reason every day.

C'est le vive.

Anyway, now the plan is to rub down all the wooden parts tomorrow and hopefully start putting the wheel together tomorrow evening. Oh, the best part about a new spinning wheel? I now have 4 MORE bobbins!! I think that brings the total to 26 bobbins.

I did skein the 8 bobbins of plied yarn and washed them. Can't wait til they're dry so I can ball them up and dream of what they will turn into.

I've also had this euphoria overtake me about retirement these past many days. We housekeepers have been talking about work, the hotel and what's down the road (the owner has put the hotel up for sale and had a prospective buyer look at the place on Monday). I've been telling my co-workers that "I'm outta here in another year and a half. That's right. As soon as I turn 62, I'm grabbing that money and I'm gone!" This floors them all. All of them diehards. Will work until dirt is thrown over them. Not this chick. I've got places to go, things to see, Spring cleaning to finish, knitting to be done and 150 pounds of wool so be spun up -- on my 3 wheels and 26 bobbins!


Judy said...

Do you have a woolie winder? If not get one before you retire with more bobbins. Then you can daydream while spinning and not worry about changing hooks. The Traveler one also fits most Traddys. You will go thru your 150 pounds quicker and need to buy...sheep! LOL

Linda said...

No, I don't have a woolie winder. You really like it, Judy? I've been toying with the idea. They're kind of pricey, though, aren't they? I'll have to save my pennies. I have a wheel my son made for me while he was in high school. It's similar to a Louet 10 and it spins like a dream, but the flyer never fit quite right. I've wanted to get the Louet flyer but -- $75.00 the last time I priced one. Ouch!! I might have to sell some of my wool. Yikes! That's why I stick with Ashford. After 16 years, their prices are still reasonable. Have a great day!