Saturday, September 24, 2011

Answering Comments Questions......

Hi Sandie (Stash N Stitch)and Judy (Happy Acres),
Thank you so much for the beautiful comments of my FO pix.  It inspires to know that they're being viewed.

Sandie - the pattern for the tam is from the book "Homespun Handknit", a compilation of patterns edited by Linda Ligon, published by  Interweave Press. I know it's sold in book stores and yarn shops.  It's a plain stockinette pattern, but I took a stitch pattern from "365 Knitting Stitches in A Year - Perpetual Calendar"; published by Martingale & Company. I bought it at a wool festival some years ago. You can probably get it at a book store; ISBN: 1-56477-432-5.  It's great for finding other patterns to substitute for plain knitting.  I've used it a lot!! 365 stitch patterns!! Lots of info, too.  This was day Nov. 27, called "Small Twist Pattern".

As for the blue yarn, oh yeah!  It takes me a while to spin up 8 oz. or so, especially when I'm plying it with other colors!  I'm still spinning blue!! Working on 4 oz of a medium blue now; then there's 8 oz. of a navy blue to be done.  Goal --- enough blue for a sweater.  That's if the urge to knit a hat, mitts and socks don't take over!  I always buy a color in abundance!  Don't know why --- I think it's a "hoarding" thing. Hehehe.

Judy, the poncho is a pattern I bought about 5 yrs ago at the Michigan Wool Festival.  This is the second poncho I've made with it.  But some day, I want to try and change the bottom patterning from lace to something else.  The pattern is from  Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm.  Website:   Designed by Red Oak Designs and the pattern is "Poncho with Lace".

I don't know if they're still in business, or if the pattern is available for sale still.  Hope you can find it ok.

Thanks again, gals!  Happy spinning and knitting!

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