Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things........This is Fun!! C'mon, Join In......

"kmkat and her kneedles" has posted lists of things: Do, Don't, When alone, When with her sweety....sounds like fun!  Play along if you want to.  Here we go.....

Things I Do Every Day:
1.  Get out of bed
2.  Get dressed
3.  Thank God for another day
4.  Think about what I'm going to do for the day
5.  Watch the evening news
6.  Eat (probably should be #1 or #2)
7.  Nap

When I'm Home Alone:  (one of my favorite movies, btw)
1.  Wander around the house like I was just dropped into a castle....and it's all mine!
2.  Enjoy the quiet!
3.  Play rock n roll on the radio
4.  Eat
5.  Do odd jobs around the house
6.  Putz in the gardens
7.  Watch craft shows or mindless comedies
8.  Nap

When BH and I are home together:
1.  Play computer games
2.  Watch movies
3.  Eat
4.  Talk.....about everything
5.  Kiss him throughout the day
6.  Enjoy each other
7.  Nap

Things I don't do everyday:
1.  Ditto on the shower
2.  Ditto on washing hair
3.  Change my clothes.  Nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes to scruff around the house in for a few days
4.  Laundry (due to #3)
5.  Cook
6.  Clean the house (I used to scrub, dust, vacuum 3x a week!!)

And a new catagorie:  Things I don't do anymore:
1.  Cook everyday
2.  Work
3.  Get up with the alarm clock
4.  Bake every week
5.  Run to the grocery store every day
6.  Grocery shop every week
7.  Worry about everything and everyone
8.  Babysit

Things I try to do everyday:
1.  Knit
2.  Spin
3.  Be thankful for all we have
4.  Be thankful for a new day
5.  Thank God for my husband...he's been my partner, my best friend, my lover, my faithful husband for 22+ years now.
6.  Straighten up the house
7.  Try not to worry about everything and everyone
8.  Talk on the phone.  I hate answering the phone; I hate talking on the phone...on a regular basis.

How about you?  Got anything you would add to the lists?  C'mon!  Have some fun!!

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