Friday, October 7, 2011

Catching Up.............

Omg, the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! the 80's??!! No. no. no. Not in the Fall, please!  And so it is.

Last week I finally got all the yard work done.  It took me 3 days to cut down the perennials, put the statues and lights away, empty and rinse the planters and finish the weedwhacking.  3 days!  I used to be able to do all that in a day.  C'est le vie.

Then there were the apples.  About 30#s this year from our tree.  Haralsons. So those were peeled, cored, sliced and frozen.  5 - 1 gal. freezer bags.  A decent haul!  There probably would've been 40#s, but the deer discovered them just as we were figuring picking would be by the end of the week.  They caused us to move picking up a few days.

Last Saturday was my birthday.  You know what that means.  4 more weeks and I start receiving the BIG MONEY!!  I will officially be a "senior citizen on social security"; you know. The ones the government says are ruining the country. Me. A rebel.  Who knew.

I  was reading some topics in Ravelry and came upon a lot of spinners talking about  "The Sheep Shed Studio" in Wyoming.  So I went to the site.  I was blown away!!  I asked BH if I could order some wool; "of course!" he said (I knew he would!!)  So I got 6#s; 2 chocolate brown; 2 copper; 2 black.
OMG! I love it!!  And the price!!  Can't beat the price.  Plus I got a couple of ounces of something free; don't know what it is, but it is sooooo silky!!  I'm going to email them and see if they can tell me what it is.

And to think... just last week I emtied out 2 storage containers, combining different wools into less of them.  I was so proud of myself; I'm really making headway on my spinning!  Good thing we didn't go to any Fiber Festivals this year.  I can finally put a big dent in my supply.  And now.....I had to fetch one of those recently freed containers and put the new roving into it.  So I may never get all the stash spun up.  But isn't it fun?  Don't you just love opening containers and staring at the beautiful colors, feeling that wonderful stuff? Dreaming what the lovely yarn will make?   Me too!!!

That was last Thursday.  It was here on Monday.  Couldn't wait to open the box.  Oh Yeah!!  This is going to be great.  I'm thinking......sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters.  I have to send them a nice "Thank You" note with a rave review.

Anyone interested should check them out.  Also on Thursday I received a package from #1 son and DIL; an e reader!!! OMG!!  And a gift card to Amazon.
So I spent 3 hours Friday morning setting it up and downloading some free books from Google.  This is going to be lots of fun!

We came home yesterday afternoon after spending 2 days in Rochester.  Had to take daughter for some tests.  Everything turned out fine; she's ok.  Thank God.  However, Cha-Ching!!!   Yeah.  Another hiccup in the budget.

We've been  planning to go to Bayfield, WI for the "Apple Fest"  this weekend.  First it was just going to be for the day.  Last week I suggested that we go for a couple of days and do some camping.  Especially since son from the cities was coming up for fishing and spend time with his son.  They would have the weekend to themselves, staying at our house. 

 Well, some minor problems on his end put his plans on hold;  and I'm not so sure about ours.  First, it's supposed to rain all weekend, with thunderstorms and high winds.  Next there's the "Cha-Ching" thing; then there's BH saying he thinks one night of camping, coming home on Sunday should be enough.  He's worried about the money.  I say "if the government can spend money they don't have, then so can we!!"  We try to boost the economy, too!!!

Well, maybe he's right.  I don't know.  We'll figure it out today.  There's always spinning to do, right?  And what's wrong with that!

I started another pair of socks and another shawl.  The shawl is v-shaped, starting at the neck and working down.  The pattern is easy enough....after being ripped out 5 times!  I think there's about 10" done, but moving along nicely.  I'm using the black shetland w/ beads.  Probably be done next......Fall.

Next week I'm planning on finishing the Fall housecleaning.  No. Haven't gotten it done yet.  Next week.  For sure.  Unless I can figure something else out.  Like spinning.  Maybe empty another container.  Because, ya know, "The Sheep Shed Studio"  has this green roving that I just might need.

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