Monday, October 31, 2011

Housework Be Damned!...........

You can probably figure out what that's all about. This is going to be my new mantra.  Actually, it's always been my mantra. I'm admitting it to all the world right now. Yeah. Didn't do it. I did manage to thoroughly clean through the place on Thursday.  That felt really good.  But that's it.

I did finish spinning the navy blue merino. Then started on 8 oz. of painted roving - Targhee.  Never spun Targhee before. Despite that it felt kind of felted as I was stripping it apart, rolling the strips into coils, it drafts and spins beautifully.  Nice and soft.  And the colors!! Omg!! It's called "Indian Corn"; deep red, orange, peach, navy blue, dark teal and brown.  I have a project in mind for the yarn when it's done.....when it's done .....

I'm going to ply it with the navy blue and a copper that I recently purchased.  Gotta spin the copper.  Hope to get pictures posted sometime this week.

My 2 shades of blue still need to be plied; 8 bobbins full.  I think I'm going to attempt a sweater with a white Norwegian design across the chest and shoulders.  Never done that before, but I love the designs.

I washed the poncho, the black shawl and a pair of socks.  Had the shawl all pinned and blocked.  Going to take a picture.  Then son is coming up for fishing.  Had to fold it up and put it away.  It was laid out in the spare bedroom.  I will get pictures this week.

Yesterday I got off my arse and made 2 chicken pot pies.  One for supper; one for the freezer.  The freezers are getting well stocked.  Nothing makes me happier than thinking "what to have for supper? Let's see what I can pull out of the freezer".  Love it!!

Today BH and I are going to the casino!  I have birthday coupons for free plays and gifts!  He says we won't spend any money, just use the free dollars worth the casino is giving us.  Yeah.  We'll see how that goes.  Here's hoping we walk out with more than we walked in with!

Son from the Cities and his friend were supposed to come up for fishing this past weekend.  Didn't happen.  His company was moving to a new building and everyone was helping.  Plus both he and friend's finances were stretched somewhat; so they decided it was undoable.  But we didn't get a phone call on Friday or Saturday morning informing us of such.  And I didn't call to find out if they were coming up or not.  I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best.  I have not been in the mood for entertaining for quite some time now. 

So that's the end of trout season for them.  Try again next year.

Anywho, spinning for at least an hour every morning; got another pair of socks started; bed made, dishes done, laundry put away, garbage wrapped up to be taken out.  Some breakfast, get dressed, gather up my coupons and we're off.  Just for a couple of hours; we won't spend any of our money.  And hopefully come home with a bundle!!  A girl can dream!!

Hope everyone has a great day.  Happy Halloween!!


Denise said...

Housework be damned has been my life's motto. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your spinning.

Trout!! Is my favorite fish!

Judy said...

Hope you came home with more than you could carry! If not hope you had fun.