Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random Thoughts.......

Friday, Oct 14:

***I've woke up at 4:00am; 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  This is getting to be a regular occurance.  Don't know why.  So I spin for about 2 hours.

***Thursday I brought out the dehydrator, cleaned it up, washed the trays.  It hasn't seen the light of day in....12 years or so(?)  And proceeded to wash and prepare Gala apples.  They were on sale this week.  10# for $10.  I bought 5#s because my best intentions somehow get way-laid.  Dried 5 of the 12 apples, because that's all that would fit on the trays.  It amounted to a couple of handsful.  I will do another 5 apples today.

***I made a huge soup pot full of beef/barley soup also on Thursday.  1/2 is now in the freezer.

***Today my plan is to make Chicken Chow Mein for supper, freezing 1/2 again.  Maaaayybbeee......Apple Struedel.  I also want to put all the fans away; A/C's went out some weeks ago.  And bring out the winter clothes, put the summer ones away.

***Monday I will make a soup pot full of Chili.  Same procedure.....1/2 for the freezer.  I also want to get started on finishing the Fall cleaning.  Nope. Haven't done it yet.  Hopefully it won't turn into "Christmas" cleaning.

***I am now knitting the edging of the shawl.  6 more rows to go.  And it's done.  Then wash and block, along with the poncho and a pair of socks that have been patiently waiting for..... weeks.

***Just about done spinning the navy blue Merino.  Maybe 3 oz. more to go.  Intended to be plied with 2 shades of blue.  But the more I look at it, and the blues, I'm thinking there's a painted roving that the navy could be better plied with and just do the 2 blues together.

***However, that requires spinning the painted roving.  Which I'm really getting psyched about spinning.  It's a beautiful coloration.  It'll make great socks.

I had to put this post on hold Friday.  Now it continues:

***I did not make the apple streudel.  But I did make a pan of fudgey brownies with delicious chocolate buttercream frosting!  Mmmmm.

***Did not put summer clothes away or bring out the winter ones.

***Not too sure about the Chili tomorrow.  Maybe later in the week.  Did do the Chicken Chow Mein, though.  Leftovers tomorrow.

***Still working on the navy blue Merino.  Getting there......

***BH worked on the car all yesterday.  It quit on me when I went into town Wednesday.  Luckily, across from our auto repair shop!  Our very nice mechanic came over and jumped it; it started; "thank you so much" and off I went, on to the grocery store.  But when I turned the corner, all the dash lights came on, blinking wildly, and the annoying "ding-ding-ding" of the seat belt alarm wouldn't quit.  I turned around, went back to the repair shop and told him we better make an appointment.  Thursday, 1:30.  Came home, turned the car off, turned the key --- nothing.  Deader than a doormouse (whatever that means).  BH put the slow trickle charger on it for hours.  Nada.  Thursday he did it again for longer.  1:15 ---- nothing.  Call the shop and cancel.  We just might need a new battery.

***Today we took off for the big town, to the farm/feed/auto store (it's not the Cities!)  and bought the battery.  Tomorrow he will install it and hopefully we'll have our car again.

***I finished the shawl this afternoon.  Just have to weave in the ends.  It looks good! Can't wait to wash and block it.  It will relax the lace pattern and probably be a lot bigger than it looks now.

***On to finishing the socks.........oh. yeah. Tomorrow is Monday.  Back to Fall cleaning.  Crap.  Maybe something else will come up that will call for us to make another trip.  Somewhere.  To kill most of the day.  And then I'll knit tomorrow night while watching "Castle".  And reschedule for Tuesday.

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