Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Season......New Plans.........

Oh, yeah, baby......Fall is on it's way!! My favorite time of year!  I've just about had enough of Summer.  I'm not a big fan (no fan, actually) of hot, steamy weather.  And all the "have to's" of Summer are wearing thin.  Don't want to weedwhack, don't want to water, weed, replace batteries (in the solar lights), chemicalize and clean the pool, don't want to hear the constant drone of the A/Cs and the fans, don't want to keep the windows and door closed all day and the shades, blinds and curtains drawn.

  Turn me over and stick me with a fork ----- I'm done.

We started emptying the pool yesterday.  It'll take about 4 days for all to dry out to be put away.  Also gathered up the paraphenalia and stored it.  Clipped most of the annuals - too overgrown.  But there might be another 2 months of decent weather, so maybe they'll grow back to their bushy, flowering self.

BH thinks he's cutting the grass for the last time this season.  Hehehe, silly man.

Today we go to the big box stores.  Gotta get some things for the upcoming season.  New chain for the chain saw, roof gunk to seal the roof and caulk for -- something.

I've been debating for 2 days whether I should paint the family room.  And do some cleaning that was never done in the Spring or Summer.  Well, my better side tells me "no. Paint next Spring".  Ok then.  But I will do some cleaning starting tomorrow.  Washing curtains, shades and blinds; window frames and windows.  Hopefully I'll get to shampooing the carpets, sofa and recliners.  I can also wash down the walls and ceiling in the family room.  Do same in the bathroom.  The bedrooms are pretty clean, but I do want to change out the bedspreads with comforters and maybe clean out the closets.  Oh yeah,  gotta put Summer clothes away and bring out the Winter ones.

We're supposed to have beautiful, sunny, warm (not HOT) weather for the rest of the week.  This sure spikes the adrenalin! 

Today we have a meeting with daughter and her case worker to find another provider for independent living.  The group she's been with for the past 16 years has really been boiling my water for quite some time.  This past month was the last straw.  Helpers who don't show up, cut the scheduled time with her on a moment's notice, or just quit their job without notice.  Now they're telling her to take the bus to her appointments and errands; "to make their clients more independent in the community"!!!!  Mind you, this organization gets thousands of dollars from the State, every month, just for her, to provide services.  Very frustrating and aggravating.  Especially when we are an hour from her and can't always get there within a few hours notice.  AAAARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!   Here's hoping we find a more conscientious, professional  provider.

Still spinning 1 1/2 - 2 hours each morning.  Doesn't look like much of a dent in the stash, but persistance pays off.  Right?   Knitting too.  Finished a patterned ski cap and fingerless mitts.  Got one sock finished, moving on to the next.  I still need to knit the collar on the poncho.

Anybody else thinking of Christmas?  This has been on my mind lately.  What to make for who, when can I get started, how many gifts can I make in time.  My brain is scrambled.  It'll be here before we know it.  And I'll still be scrambled!

I can't think about that now;  I'll think about it tomorrow.  Afterall, day!  (Scarlett O'Hara, "Gone With the Wind").

You all have a great week!  Sure hope Fall is as calming and colorful for you as it will be for me!!  (Fingers crossed)

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Judy said...

It was 61 here today (loved it)...and rainy (didn't love it). Unlike TX we didn't need the rain. Kids first day of school. I made bread and knit, a pretty good day despite the rain.