Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ok.  The first 6 days went well.  I did get that folding 4 ft. table at the store. Destined to be a sewing table.  However, it was not on sale.  We see the sign on the store shelf "Was $39.99 Now $29.99". I've got the sale paper in my hands.  I tell BH "No. That's wrong. It's $19.99; we'll take it".  Up to the register.  Gal rings it up along with 4 cans of coffee, also on sale - $8.00 each; Folger's; French Roast.  "The table did ring up as $19.99, right?"  She looks at the register tape.  "No. It's $29.99".  "That's not right" says I, showing her the sale paper.  She immediately points to the top of the page, "that sale was for Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 only, see?"

Oh Crap!!!  Yes.  I see it.  "Did you still want it, or....?"  "No, no.  I'll take it".    Crap again.

Friday I woke with severe pains through my hips and pelvis again.  Damn!  What the hell did I do now??  My mind goes through the events of the last couple days.  I did not lift anything heavy.  I did not twist my body in any contorntionist pose.  What is this all about?  Anywho, I'm still trying to recover from this episode.  Which brings my spinning time to a limited amount.  Sitting too long only aggravates the situation.  Crap!

During that limited time, I'm trying to finish plying the painted Targhee with the navy blue Merino and copper generic wool.  The Targhee is the key because I had only 8 oz. of it.  So I spin 2 bobbins of that; 3 bobbins each of blue and copper.  I want to make sure that there's enough to insure all the Targhee will be plied.  On to the third bobbin of copper and blue.  Wait.  There is no 3rd bobbin of copper.  Wait a minute.....I'm sure there was a third.  Looking all over.  Check the other wheels.  No.   Check the storage tote.  No.   Aaarrrggghhh!!!

I never got the 3rd bobbin done because.......Christmas came.  All spinning had to be set aside.  Hidden from view.  Put on hold for the Holiday season.   Crap.  I have about 2 ounces of Targhee left to ply.  But I have to finish the bobbin of copper in order to continue.  Crap!!

This puts a damper on my mood because I was sooo looking forward to pulling out the oatmeal colored batt and start spinning.  All of this is envisioned to be a sweater.  Oatmeal body with Norwegian patterning on the yoke in the painted/blue/copper yarn.

On the plus side, I did put a new socket on daughter's lamp; gathered up all the stuff to take to her place; re-organized the Christmas wrap/boxes/bows/etc. into a much larger storage tote and pulled out some acrylic (ack;ack;ack) yarn for future dil's slipper boots.  She informed me at Christmas time that she loves them; wears them all the time; in fact, one pair is worn through on the bottom.

Really?  Funny.  I never saw them anywhere when we stayed with you for 5 days this past summer.  Not to mention that you never said anything more about them after receiving the 2 pair last Christmas.
Oh well.......I will make her 2 new pair and send them off.  Who am I to judge...........

Well, I gotta get off this chair and get into the recliner.  So I can........recline.  For my hips.  Sorry.  Tomorrow I want to tell you a couple of stories from "Crazy Town - The Disfunctional Family".  Also post the pictures of the "faux" wood stove.

Have a great, restful day!

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