Friday, January 13, 2012

What Is Up With This?............

It's been kind of a quiet week here.  Went to daughter's on Monday. We undecorated her apartment of Christmas and went shopping for a new recliner and pair of sneakers.  Had dinner - she made a great goulash ("hot dish" in Minnesota).  And then I proceeded to change her living room furniture around to accomodate the new recliner to be delivered this Saturday.

Tuesday was a dentist's appointment for me.  Yikes - he found a small cavity, so another appointment is required.  Next Friday.  So goes my idea that all my obligations have been met as of 2 days ago.  It's always something.

Got the pictures of the little electric "wood" stove.  I wish the flames would've shown up better, but it is what it is.

It's the cutest thing! Love it.

Yeah.  See that discoloration on the bottom of the door?  There was a "Caution" sticker there.  A sticker that did not come off!  I wetted it, used cooking spray (which usually dissolves the glue) and isopropyl alcohol.  Nothing.  Along with scraping it with a plastic knife.  To which the sticker just shredded in teeny tiny little pieces. No hunking piece to grab and pull off.  Well, anyway, I didn't want to risk scratching the paint, so this is as good as it gets.  What the hell was up with that?

I am still  plying the painted/blue/copper singles.  Yep.  Still. Plying.  I don't know what is going on here, but I will be starting the 9th bobbin .  9th bobbin.  Of 4 ounces of painted Targhee along with the other 2 colors.  And the other 8 bobbins are full!  I try to get as much on a bobbin as I possibly can.  There's gotta be at least 3 1/2 oz. plied yarn on each.  I feel like I'm in the middle of the "Groundhog" movie!  It's never going to end!!  Aaarrrggghhhh!

So to settle my nerves, I pulled out a batt of BFL.  White.  For the sweater.  Of which the aforementioned yarn will be the colorwork for the yoke.  Hell, I could switch it around and use the aforementioned yarn as the sweater, and do the yoke in white patterning!  Crap.

Anyway, I have rediscovered that I am not a fan of batts.  Great.  There are 2 more sizeable ones in the storage totes.  I don't like unrolling them, dividing, stripping or spinning.  Too hard to keep the drafting consistency going with strips of batt.  Haven't spun a batt in a few years.  How easily we forget that which we are not fond of and swear never to do again!

But, I just started on it, gave it a half hour.  So I'm sure once the dreaded 3 ply is done (soon??), and I can concentrate on spinning this mountain of fluff, it'll all come back to me.  Everything will smooth itself out and be easy peezy. (hahahahaha!)

Now onto some much needed housework.  And then -- tackling these never ending yarns and fibers.

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Judy said...

Absolutely gorgeous yarn! Have a great weekend