Friday, January 6, 2012


No.  This isn't an "OWS" mantra; it isn't a "Unionize" chant.  At least not here.  Not at this moment.

There was a post here this week(?) about how everything was put back to normal in the house; Christmas just a memory now.  Back to our regular lives.  Spinning and knitting on the daily schedule.  Two more obligations -- one with daughter, the other with the dentist.  Then we're free.  Time to hibernate. seems some things have reared their ugly heads; a "fly in the ointment", if you will. 

Inside my head, the movie "Goodfellas" is playing.  The scene with Joe Pesci in the restaurant, ranting at Ray Liotta.  Except the dialogue has changed just a little, it's myself talking to my brain.  It goes something like this:

"Do I amuse you?  Do you think I'm done here?  You think everything's hunkey dorey, that I'm going into hibernation now?  Do I look like a clown to you?  Do you think you can fool me with a clean house, bills paid, groceries in stock?  You think I got nothin' better to do??..................

Get the picture?

 While buzzing around the house doing this and that, I notice "wow, I never did re-glue those loose tiles in the kitchen"; "oh geezz, I need to re-glue that stripping around the tile behind the woodstove".  "Oh crap! How did that scratch get on the door frame?"  "Yeah, I should really touch up the chipped paint on the cupboard frames".  "Oh man! Those closet drapes need to be washed again".

And on it goes.  So, to the "list".  Make a note of all that has caught my eye this past week.  I'm sure there'll be more as the days go on.  Then get started next week.  "Git 'er done!!" has become my slogan, spoken aloud to BH for a while now.

We went shopping yesterday.  Some for BH's wish list using the gift cards; a lot for household items that have been put on the back burner through the Holidays.  Got it all.  And bonus........we picked up an electric heater that resembles a little wood stove!!  Complete with fake logs that light up like burning embers and fake flames dancing in the background.  L.o.v.e  I.t!!   So we set it up in the dining room.  One of these days I'll post a picture of it here (gotta put that on the "list).  This was not a totally impromptu purchase.  We have been talking about getting another heater for one of the rooms.  (Remember....we live in a mobile home with a huge addition and heat with the wood stove.  Which sometimes just doesn't cut it).

So, with the electric "wood stove" in the dining room, the quartz floor heater in the kitchen and one in the spare bedroom, we're ready for our Minnesota winter.  Which is out there somewhere.  And will probably show up with a vengence any day now.  Hasn't been around yet.

I just finished balling (caking??) 7 skeins of yarn.  There are 5 recently plyed bobbins waiting.  Still working on finishing up that color - 1 1/2 more bobbins to go.

No knitting as yet.  Just don't feel it right now.  There is the mate to the pastel green sock that was completed before Christmas that still needs to be started.  And, of course, have not finished off the Laplander hat.  But it's on the "list".

Today's schedule includes re-organizing the tote with the Christmas wrap/boxes into a bigger one;  replacing the socket in daughter's bedroom lamp, so I can get it back to her; and loading up the car with all the paraphenalia that needs to go to her.

Oops.  And there's a load of laundry in the dryer to be folded.  Laundry is always on my "mental list" vs. the written one.  Ehhh, maybe that's why it sits in the dryer for a couple of days until my little brain chucks that job to the front of the "list".


Judy said...

How come men never have this problem? When they want to go fishing or watch a game they don't see the wood that needs splitting, grass growing, car that needs washing, oil change that needs doing. We need to take some lessons from them...but we wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves because in the back of our mind we would know that it all needs doing. Better to get it done and have a clean slate. How it progress is quick so you can get back to what you enjoy...Tomorrow is distaff day after all.

Linda said...

Lol!! Although BH does take care of the wood and grass cutting; just not one for indoor jobs!! Have a great weekend Judy!!