Saturday, April 21, 2012


After much wrangling, searching and......yes.......swearing a blue streak.......I found a way to get back to the old blogger form.  So everyone listed on the side bar that I read were back in place.  Ok. I'm happy now.

Don't know how I wound up on Google sites with YouTube predominant.  When I had to sign in, there were 3 different Google options - none said "return to blogger" and it didn't direct me there automatically when I signed in.

Well, I must've hit the wrong one because there I GoggleLand.  With no seeable way out.  Then I came upon"return to old blogger style".  Clicked it.  And here I am.

However, this morning, I clicked "new post" and it brought me to the funky new set up again!    Had to search around until the option of "return to old blogger style" was found.

This makes me very angry.  I do not like complications.  I do not like the powers that be changing up the way things have been done.  And I most certainly do not like  getting an eerie feeling that the computer has been hacked and I'm in a duplicate but fake site.

That's all I know.  Thank you, Rani, for your input and help.

Anywho........yesterday was a gorgeous day! Little on the cool side, but sunshine all day.  We went to an auction.  BH saw that there was a boat with all the trimmings, similar to his, and wanted to see how much it went for.  As we are selling his this year.  And in the meantime, I found a couple of things to bid on.  Of course.

The thing about auctions is it's a whole day!  You're there from early morning til sometimes supper time.  And there's no guarantee that the item you waited all day for is going home with you.  There's always someone with more money.  Always.  Personally, I'd rather go to a yard sale.  It's there.  You want it.  You buy it.  You take it home.  It's yours.  End of story.  But I digress......

So there's a dorm room style fridge with a brushed aluminum door.  Perfect for son's "Man Cave" in his new home.  Then we spot a portable floor air conditioner!  And it's a Haier!  For those who may remember last summer's fiasco with the new A/C we bought (off-brand), this was a dream come true!  I can now dump that stupid one from last year.  We do have another Haier that we've had for 5 years now.  Love it!!  Never given us a days trouble. So...this one is on the list.

Then at the end of the aisle, I spot it.  OMG!!  Just what I've been looking adjustable dressmaker's mannequin.  OMG!!!  My toes are tingling!  (Actually, it didn't have to be adjustable; any mannequin would do.  This was "Bonus!")  Now I"m all antsy, jittery...."come on, come on, hurry up;  get down here....."

Well, we lost the dorm fridge.  Bid went up to $80.  Hell, you can buy them new for $100.  My limit was $50, but was hoping for $20 or $30.  But we did win the A/C!!   A $400 unit for.......drum roll, please.......$55.00!   Yep.  We are prouder than peacocks!!  There was just 1 other bidder who quit.

Not so lucky on the mannequin.  Me and 1 other bidder.  I went to $75.00.  He......yes......he  went to $80.  He was standing behind me. I didn't see who my competition was til the winning bid.  I turned around and here's this guy....6'4", 220#, burly, about 36 years old....and he non-chalantly takes the mannequin from the auctioneer.....right in front of me!!   I was crushed.  This is the second time a man has won a "woman" item at an auction.

BH says "maybe he bought it for his wife; it's a birthday gift".  (He's sooooo naive!)  "NO", says I.  "He's going to use it for target practice in the backyard!  A***hole!!".    Yeah.  I don't take losing very well.

Well, anyway, we did ok.  BH won a circular saw for $2.50.  So he was very happy.  Oh.  And the boat/trailer/motor went for $1700.00.   So at least he has a good idea what to ask for his outfit.

Today is rain off and on all day.  Good day for spinning and knitting.  And anticipating the summer.  When we can set up our almost-new Haier A/C!!!!  Along with it's mate.  Life doesn't get any better.

Have a great weekend, all!

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