Friday, June 29, 2012

Gittin' Her Done.........

Wow!  Things have really been buzzin' around here.  And not just the bees, wasps, hornets, mesquitoes and deer flies!  Geezzzz.  What a year for the flying pests!  I can't remember a summer that it's been so bad.

And the torrential rains and flooding!  A lot of places are still flooded out, roads impassible.   Our flooded yard and basement is receding......ever so slowly!

But since Monday, we've had beautiful weather.  Sunny and warm......some days, very warm!

So.....the bed quilt and bedspread have been washed, line dried; the throw rugs, same.  Today is bedroom curtains and blinds to be washed and scrubbed, hung outside to dry.   I also managed to mend a tear in the bedspread on the sewing machine!  Yay for me!

Today is regular housecleaning also.  BH started laying the new walkway off the deck yesterday.  Wednesday we bought the paver blocks - 16" square ---- 42 lbs. each!! --- and we needed 18 of them.  672#s in the van!!  OMG!  Not to mention that he lifted each and every one from the stack to the van.  I tried to help --- did manage a few ---- and then ripped my thumb open on the rough edge concrete.  Bled like a stuck pig, as they say.

Anywho, so he started yesterday.  I tried to help.  "Doesn't that look a little scewed to the right?"   "How come there's a bigger space at the top on this side than that side?"   "You're gonna have to add more dirt to bring that end up and level it";    "You're gonna have to dig some of that dirt out to make it level".

And as I could see his face getting redder and redder ----- and I don't think it was all from the sun beating on him and temp at 87 degrees, and the sweat pouring off his body ------- I knew it was time to go back in the house.  To my own "territory".  And let the man do what the man's gotta do.   And grin and bear it.

He got 6 blocks set and will finish it today......the other 12.   And then "we" just have to hang the new storm door, and the outside work is done.

Funny word....."we".   My father had this saying, directed at my mother:
"How come when things turn out wrong it's "he did that"  and when things turn out great, it's "we did that" .    So I try to reverse it.  If things don't turn out as planned, I try to say "we should've thought of........or we should've done.......".  And always remember to shower BH with accolades no matter how it turned out.  It always looks great!  Great job!

Because I can't lift 670 lbs. of anything ........nor can I hang a door straight to save my life!!!!   Ya gotta know what side your bread is buttered on!!


Judy said...

"We" are putting dormers on the house. When I questioned why the main roof beam came out so far I was asked to show him how to knit and purl, knit and purl....aka go inside and leave me alone! You do your thing and I will do mine.

Sandie Knapp said...

I can just picture your DH when you were asking one question after the other. I would have known better than to even start asking. LOL

You sure seem to have a lot of energy in all this heat. Not me, I'm taking it easy and keeping busy with new knitting projects. I can do that in any weather. :) And it never weight 670 lbs either. LOL