Thursday, July 5, 2012


My mother's favorite saying.   She said it often.....regularly.  It applies.

We have been going through a hot spell for the past 3 will be #4.   High 90's.  No wind.  So hot and humid that it takes your breath away when you step outside.  Weatherman says today is going to be the hottest of this week.   Son-of-a-bitch!!

We have 2 portable A/C's in the house, one is 8,0000btu's, the other is 9,000btu's.  There is also a fan in every room ---- 7 in number.   All have been cranked up to max speed for these past 4...days.   The house stays relatively comfortable til about 2:00pm.  Then......forgetaboutit!!   Tuesday, it got to 94 in the house.   Yes.  You read that right.  94 the house.    I'm ready to kill somebody.  Thermometer showed 105 outside.  Son-of-a-bitch!!

This is Minnesota, for crysakes.  You know, snow..snow and more snow.  We're known for our coldest weather in the lower 48.  You'd think some of that would carry over for the rest of the year.  Son-of-a-bitch!!

And we've had more flooding.  Just when the water had receeded a foot in the front yard and basement, we had more torrential rains Tuesday and Wednesday night.  The water is up again, and areas that weren't flooded, are now.  It looks like more rain on the way today.  Last night about 7:00, it got very cool ouside......temp dropped to high 60's.  The wind was blowing; we sat outside for an hour, drinking it all in. We were absolutely giddy with excitement...the heat wave has ended.  Then the clouds rolled in....dark clouds......and the storms started.  The winds became tornado-ish.  I ran around for the second time closing all the windows.  Son-of-a-bitch!!

This morning, I stepped outside's very muggy and still.  Then I looked over into the flower bed along side the driveway.  My statue of a little girl and little boy holding hands under an umbrella had fallen over and their heads broke off.  This is not a light-weight statue. And, just last evening, I had dug out some dirt underneath them to make the statue more secure, flat and stable.  Son-of-a-bitch!!

It's been soooo hot, that my laminate, faux wood flooring has been lifting up in random places.  Out comes the tube of "PowerGrab" and painter's tape.  Running around like a mad woman, gluing down whatever's popping up.  Son-of-a-bitch!!

I think I finally convinced BH that if the water in the basement doesn't  recede by next week, we have to rent a pump and pump out the water.  The chopped wood for this coming winter has got to dry out....before it rots!   He's such a Pollyanna.  "Oh, it'll go down.  It'll dry out.  It'll be ok."  I want to slap him into next week!   Son-of-a-bitch!!

I am totally done with Summer.  Bring on the Fall.....and the Winter.  Please.  The sooner, the better.  I really do not care for Summer; haven't for many years now.  The only good thing that's come of it is our decision last week not to set up the pool!   Son-of-a-bitch!!

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