Friday, July 6, 2012


Yes.  This has been the extent of exercising for me yesterday and today.  Open the windows.  Close the windows.  Open the windows.  Close the window.  Again and again.

We are still in a torrential rain pattern.  With a some positive moments of clearing skies and abundant sunshine.  But only for a few moments.  Then the blackness rolls in, the wind kicks up and.......bam!  Torrential rains.

Noticed just a minute ago that the deck I so diligently scubbed on my hands and knees a few weeks ago is once again showing signs of "verdigres" (sic?).  Translation:  Algae green.  As is now the top railing of the deck and the stair railings.  Also my statue of the fishing boy.

There is a peculiar smell to the air.  Like sewer or septic.  We have no sewer and the septic is not showing signs of pooling on the back lawn.  I attribute the smell to the small lake that has overtaken half of the front yard, and has been sitting there for over a week now.  A veritable breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of mesquitos.    And, yes, also shows signs of "algae green".

Ah, but today the temperature is much cooler.  Much.  Like 25 degrees cooler.  Love it!  In the 70's.  Can Fall be far behind??

Excuse me.   I have to shut the windows.


Heather said...

Oh how I feel for you! And your quest for fall like weather, even though that will so quickly turn to snow and blizzards.

Stay cool, and free of mosquito bites. Yuck!

Judy said...

Send some rain east. It rained enough to wet the ground yesterday which is the most we have had in about two weeks. I hope you dry out soon ...are you at least getting some knitting/spinning done?

Rani said...

We finally opted out of a wood floor for our porch. It just gets too sticky when it is rainy and humid. It's like we live in a tropical rain forest in the summer and the arctic circle in the winter.

However, having said that, I can't complain about the heat. Remember that winter two years ago that lasted from October through May? Just keep reminding yourself of those long dark cold days and enjoy every bit of heat, rain, storms blah blah blah. (and find yourself a lake to float around in)