Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Morning!

Why, yes, it is a good far.  The outside temp has dropped 7 degrees in the past 3 hours.  Ehhh, yes, I've been up since 4 am.   Today it's supposed to be 88 degrees....let's hope not.  But to be on the safe side, both a/c's and the 8 fans will remain at warp speed.  I will not be lulled into a false sense of security.  We've been tricked before.  And when you try to cool down the house at 1:00 pm, well, believe me, it just doesn't work.

Yesterday it was in the 90's...again.  And the humidity.....don't get me started.

No rain.  BH was just saying last night he can't remember when we've had a good soaking rain these past couple of weeks.  Never mind that we still have not totally dried out from the deluge a few weeks ago.

I finished the grey SWMerino.....5 bobbins full.  Yayyy for me!   Now to ply it with the dyed dark green Shetland and the natural charcoal Shetland.

Picked up the knitting needles the other day....using white cable-plyed and knitting a lacy watch cap.  It's looks nice, but it sure is taking a lot of yarn.  I did want to make matching fingerless gloves; might not have enough yarn.  This may be frogged.

An ex-co-worker called last Friday, wanting to know if I could shorten a dress for her.  I did one for her last summer.  So I called her back Wednesday, told her to bring it over, I'll take a look at it.  She brought it yesterday.  Egads.    For one thing, it's a jersey material.  I hate stretchy fabrics!   But......yeah......ok......I can do this (hmmmm?).   Then she hits me with....."could you take out the elastic around the waist, it's really too tight; I feel like I can't breathe."

I take a look.  Actually, it's an "empire" waist.  You know......under the boobs.  Yeah, the skirt is gathered to the bodice.  But there's this strange clear plastic(?) binding covering the seam.  Crap.  I explain to her that if I can ease it, it won't be much because there would be more fabric in the skirt top than the bodice is wide.  I got a "deer in the headlights" look, but she nodded her head anyway.  "Well, if you can, that would be great; but if it can't be done, that's ok"  was her response.    We'll see.

I would rather make a garment from scratch than do alterations or mending.  But that's a secret between you and me.  Lest she get wind of that little tidbit.  She did ask me last summe if I've ever made a wedding gown!!!  I broke into a cold sweat.  "No. No.  I've never done that".

The deer finally discovered the marigolds in the wheelbarrow.  Yep.  They ate half of them.  I'm so glad they left the other half for me.   So.  Out I went with 1/2 a bar of soap and the old cheese grater.   Shavings all over the flowers and in the soil.   We'll see how they like that taste!! my flowers and that's what you get......soap in your mouth.

They have also been emptying out the hummingbird feeder.  I was bringing it in the house at night, but the other evening as I was carrying it in, I noticed teensy, tiny little brown ants all over.  Wow, that was a close one!!   Back on the hook it went; deer be damned.   They actually left it alone for about 4 days.   Ahh, but this morning.....yep.....empty.

Then it hit me....."you jerk.....just put the feeder in the bucket and leave it on the deck....close to the stairs....not the house".   So if I get around to making more syrup today and filling the feeder, that will be the plan for tonight.

As far as I can tell, the deer have not made it up the stairs to the deck......yet.'s by you?

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Judy said...

11 AM and it is 66 degrees. If I could send it your way I would. Reading your blog gives me an idea of what is coming our way so I am going to enjoy this coolness while it lasts. Have a great weekend