Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ehhh.....yeah.....That Didn't Work.........

Well, the hummingbird feeder in the bucket, left sitting on the deck.....didn't work.  Woke up the next morning to find the deck in shambles.  Feeder empty, rolled across the deck, with dried, colored puddles in it's trail.  Table knocked over, broom laying across the door.

What the hell has been after this stuff?!?  BH and I agree it has to be a racoon.  Yeah. That's it....a racoon.  Sonofabitch.  Now what do we do for the hummingbirds?

A couple hours later, I'm coming back from somewhere, walking across the walkway....when, what do my wondering eyes spot?

Yep.   2 small hoof prints in dirt, on one of the walkway blocks, facing the stairs to the deck.    A deer.   A small deer.     If only there wasn't so much noise in the house (8 fans, 2 a/c's running 24/7), I might have heard all the banging around on the deck during the night.

The creature was back again Sunday night.   But there was nothing in the feeder.  It did, however, knock it out of the bucket and down the stairs.

So yesterday, on our trip to town for many errands, it hit me......I have a wrought iron plant hangar....you know, the kind you screw the back into a wall and then the arm with a hook on the end sticks out....to hang a plant.

Yeah, well, I tell BH  "hey, let's attach it up on the flagpole.  That way, the deer can't get at it, and we can still watch the hummingbirds!!!"  Great idea!  I amaze myself sometimes.  He readily agreed.  Like minds...gotta love it.

So that job is on the agenda for today.  We'll see how that turns out.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The raccoons go for all my birdfeeders and come up on my deck looking for any scraps we might have left out. Other than drain all the birdfeed, they have not done any damage. I have deer in my backyard woods, but so far, they have not eaten any of my plants. I keep the hummingbird feeders hanging off of trees or on wall hooks that are high up. We don't get to see the hummingbirds eating out of the feeders that often because they are not in our immediate vision on the deck, but they do come to eat off of the plants that are there. They are so cool to see and enjoy.

Don't forget to change the nectar weekly or it can harm the hummingbirds.

Judy said...

Better a deer or raccoon than a bear. Hope this fix works for you as they are fun to watch.