Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Melting.........

Ok. Enough is enough.  I can't stand this heat any longer.  This is ridiculous.  How do people in the South live like this?!  Stick a fork in me....I'm done.

90's the past couple of days, more to come til Tuesday. Ditto for the humidity.   My brain is fried.

Oh I can't wait to see next month's electric bill.  I'm guessing....$300.00.  Why oh why didn't we put the pool up!

Anything that needs or we want to get done better be done by noon.  Even so, we'll still sweating our butts off for a least a couple of hours.  Then it's in the recliners in the coolest room in the house for the rest of the day.

Putzing is the order of the day (week?).  Little jobs here and there.  Although, BH did cut the grass yesterday and I weedwhacked. 

Air conditioning is a blessing, but I find myself stepping outside around 6:00pm to see if there is any hint of a breeze and coolness in the air.  I prefer real air.  Most times, no, there is no coolness or breeze.  I'm getting sick of the loud drone of the fans and a/c units.  We can't hear ourselves think, much less hear each other speak.  "What?"   "What??"   "I can't hear you!!"   

I put potatoes on to cook at 6:00am for potato salad.  And hot dogs for supper tonight.

We have to go to son's today to pick up some money he owes us.  45 minute drive each way.  He was supposed to come here, but being that he doesn't have a car, has to borrow his buddy's, which I guess the buddy has other plans today, and I really need to get that money back into the bank, so, we will go there.  Aaarrggghhhh!! 

At least we'll be in an air conditioned, cranked to the max, vehicle for an hour and a half.

We just might be able to hear each other speak. 


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My grass looks like hay, my plants are less than perky, and I am going through more ice tea than is good for me. I will probably be up all night as a result. A strong thunderstorm just passed through dumping a lot of rain but too quickly and will just run off. Yeah, it's summer and this is what happens.

Judy said...

Temps are the same here. We did get 1/4 of rain which was desperately needed. I am with you bring on fall! (or at least our normal high temps)