Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weedwhacker Dies....No Services Held

While in the middle of a job last week, the weedwhacker made a terrible grinding noise.  The hub went flying off.  Upon examination of the tool, it was discovered that a large chunk of plastic that feeds the plastic line had broken off.  It was beyond repair. 

Purchased at an auction for $15.00 some 10 years ago, the electric Toro weedwhacker was a joy to behold.  It did it's job thoroughly and was always up to the task.  A very powerful tool, it could cut through cable lines, screen house guy wires, and rip up a polyurethane tarp in the blink of an eye.  An occasional  flower stem sometimes caught it's wrath and was left laying on the ground.

To take down overgrown grass on the edges of garden beds, trees, the house, the pool was never too daunting.  It could rip right down to the dirt, leaving nary a blade of green left standing.

For the past couple of years, Toro was experiencing some problems. Although it never lost it's amazing electric power, a small chip of plastic had broken away from the feed hole.  But with care while re-stringing, the hub could be reassembled and ready for use again.

It is not known what the Toro hit that got caught up in the feed line, causing the hub to lose a large piece of necessary plastic.  No culprit, be it flora, fauna, wood or wire could be found near the accident.

Toro is now sitting in a corner of the old house, to whack no more; waiting for the town cleanup next year, where it will be sent to it's final resting place.

No flowers, please.

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Judy said...

Sadly you will never find one as good. Sorry for your loss!