Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Today is BH's birthday - 76 years old.  Doesn't look it; doesn't act it.  Oh, he's slowing down a bit; a couple of minor physical disabilities.  But other than that, he is a bull.  Can't (or won't) sit still for 10 minutes!

He decided Saturday that he's going fishing today.  To the State Park, renting a boat for a few hours.  Asked if I wanted to come along.  "Ehh, no.  It's your day; you haven't been fishing yet this summer;  go.  Enjoy yourself".

Translation:  "Geezzz, we've been with each other 24/7 since forever.  Please ----- go do something, get away from the house.  Give me some space ------please!! 

Actually, I have plans.  Baking a white cake, defrost and sugar the strawberries (yep - strawberry shortcake for dessert).  Get  to the grocery store, pick up a couple of steaks.  Got the shrimp defrosting in the fridge; make the cocktail sauce and put together the salad.

We'll have his favorite dinner.  He'll be thrilled.  I'm pretty sure he suspects what the meal will be.

We've had gorgeous weather this weekend.  Lots of sunshine, temps in the mid 80's.  Today will be the same.  Things are drying out, if ever so slowly.  I hope it stays like this at least for another week -- knock on wood (taps self on the head).

Windows to be washed today.  Been putting it off for a few days now.  There's been knitting and spinning here and there.  Finally working on the second sock; got past the heel, knitting the instep.  And spinning SW Merino (grey) to ply with the charcoal Shetland.  Of course, this seems to be taking forever!   Filling the 3rd bobbin and there will be a 4th.

Our 2 granddaughters are supposed to be coming this Friday from Indiana for a visit.  Just for the weekend.  We haven't heard any confirmation yet.  The older one was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago, but had a slight glitch in the financial department.   We'll have to get to Minneapolis airport to pick them up........3hrs down, 3 hrs back home.  And do it again Sunday.  Yikes!!   "Support your local gas station!"

And it looks like we're on track to start cleaning out the old house next week. (Hahahahahahaha!)  How many times have I said that?!   No. Seriously.  Next week.   (Hahahahaha....stop it!)

Anywho........Happy Birthday, My Love!!  You are the light of my life!  You keep me sane. (Hahahahahaha.......stop it!!)


Judy said...

Happy b-day to the hubby. Glad to hear your weather is better. We have cooled down a little but still waiting on some rain.

trek said...

Thanks for coming by to see me Linda!

catsmum said...

there is NO WAY in you-know-where that I'll believe that man is anything remotely approaching 76.