Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Tonight will be the first in over 70 days that we will not be below 0.  So says the weather guy on TV and BH (aka: Polyanna).  To me, it remains to be seen.

Tomorrow we plan on doing the grocery shopping because tomorrow night into all day Thursday, it's going to snow.

I've been keeping an eye on the ceilings because there's about 8,000 pounds of ice and snow on the roof.  I can faintly tell where some of the ceiling looks as if it has bowed....I can also tell by the ceiling strips between the panels and some of the moulding that has pulled away every so slightly.  I sure hope it returns to its place when all this ice is gone.

Spinning and spinning and spinning.  Like a mad woman.  Got 7 skeins of the green plied and caked.  Still have half the fiber yet to blend and spin.  I could start on the Aran sweater, but while experimenting, I found I really, really like the 3 plies of the painted green!  It's not as bright as I thought it would be.  And maybe there would be enough left that I wouldn't have to use the light grey as one of the plies.

Then it would just be alternating the green/grey with the green.  I think it would perk up the color a bit more.  But first.....the other 8 oz. of green need to be spun, seeing how many bobbins will be filled.  The first 8 oz. gave me a bit over 3 bobbins.  The 3 singles gave me almost 4 bobbins of 3-ply.  Hmmmm......

I finished a hat and fingerless mitts.  Done in another grey with FairIsle patterning of blue, black and a little brick red.  Gotta get them washed and blocked today.

Started a vest in raspberry Shetland.  It's solid raspberry.  I didn't know what to do with it.  I'm not real fond of solid colors.  I love heathered and ombres!  There's a nice V-neck vest with a cable on either breast side, which also continues on the back.  Never made this one before, so started on it yesterday.  We'll see how it goes.

I've been up since 3:20 am.  Yes.  Three. Twenty. A.M.  Did I go to bed at 8 pm??   No.  I did not.  It was 11:20 pm.  4 hours before.  Don't know why.  But it happens every so often....like maybe once a week.  So I spun for 2 hours, then went to the knitting.  When BH got up at 6:30, I made the bed, got dressed, put the dishes away, watched 15 minutes of Cspan, and fell asleep for an hour.  There will be a few cat naps today.

And a load of laundry.  A little more knitting.  Maybe some spinning later this afternoon.  Homemade turkey pot pie for supper (taken out of the freezer this morning).  Easy enough.

Well, that's all the news that is news around these parts.  Hope to post pictures of the greens and the hat and mitts very soon.  Just too tired to play with the camera today.


Sandra Knapp said...

You have a busy time, with all that knitting and spinning. Can't wait to see the items you are making with all that lovely yarn.

I have sleep problems too, on occasion, and it's miserable, because you feel groggy most of the day, and for me, a nap doesn't "cure" that feeling. And at times I will have nights like that for 3-4 days in a row, then sleep great for a month or so. Maybe it's normal as we get older. I hear a lot of Senior folk complaining of the same problem, so I'm more or less feeling it's just another thing we learn to deal with. LOL

I had a metal roof installed two Summers back, and never regretted it since. The snow doesn't lay on the roof any more, because it slides right off with just a wee bit of sunshine. I doubt I'll ever have to worry about a roof caving in. You might want to consider doing that when you move to your new home, maybe. :) Take care and keep well.

Linda said...

Thank you, Sandie. Yep, I feel I'm following in my mother's footsteps. She used to get up every morning at about 3:30! Of course, she napped all day....yikes. I've seriously thought about the metal roof; I really like the look and the idea of everything sliding off. But hopefully, we'll be in an apartment by this summer...won't have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore! hehehehe. Hope you're having a great week! We're finally warming up!