Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yeah...About This "Daylight Savings" Thing.....

I'm an early riser.  Like 4 - 4:30am every day, with an occasional 3:30 thrown in just to keep it interesting.  For the past couple of weeks or so, it's been very heartening to see the beginnings of daybreak just before 6:30.

Now it's "Daylight Savings Time".  An hour later for daybreak.  At 7:00am, you can barely notice the midnight black slowly turning to navy blue; barely make out the silhouettes of trees and such.  Don't like it.  At all.

It's 7:00am, for Crysakes.  Daylight should be in full bloom.

On another note.....we're supposed to start warming up, temp wise.  Yesterday was pretty good, even if it never got above freezing.  29 degrees was the max for the day.  Even so, the sun was shining and all was right with the day.  Today...we're hoping for high 30's.  Something on the weather report last night said the cold will return...blah, blah, blah.  I wasn't in the room, so I didn't hear all the specifics.  Not sure I want to.

There's something to be said for having a "Polyanna" attitude.


Sandra Knapp said...

It may not be bright at 7 AM right now, but give it couple weeks, and it will be. The best part of daylight's saving time is that it's not dark at 4 PM!

It has warmed up here too, but we will be getting snow on Wednesday, and Thursday will be colder again. That's OK, it will be warmer once more on Friday and Saturday. Winter's days are numbered now, and I can't wait for it to be over, but Mother Nature will take her time. LOL Keep well :)

Linda said...

Lol, Sandie. Yep..I told my husband that pretty soon it'll be daylight at 4:30 am. Love It! You're right about more daylight in the evening; that always perks everyone up. Same with the weather here...Wednesday is our cold day too. But it'll soon all be over! Wishing you a very relaxing, happy week.

Lynn said...

Oh I hear you about DST!!! It's hard enough to get a teenager out of bed when it's light outside, now that it's back to being dark, it's like pulling teeth!!! Plus as a night person, midnight is actually only 11pm which means I stay up too late and it's that much harder to wake up. Blech. Yes it does get better, but for now I'm not loving it.

Linda said...

Lol, Lynn! In total agreement; I remember those days with teenagers....yikes.