Monday, March 24, 2014

What Is Up With That??.......

What is going on with the blog?  When I have to sign in, I get an error message saying that the browser is unsupported, telling me to pick a supported one, giving me a list.  One of which is XP/7.....which is what I use.  Then when writing the blog, sometimes and error message pops up at the top saying "sorry cannot be saved; try again later".  However, the blog is problem.  Whaattttt??????


Exactly.  This has been too much.  Way too much.   Last week, we had a few days of beautiful, melting weather.  Spring is on it's way!!  Not so fast......Friday, we're supposed to take daughter to doctor.  It was snowing.  At 7 am...snowing pretty hard and fast.  Left the house 1/2 hour earlier than planned.  Got 5 miles from home, told BH  "this isn't good...we should go home"; he agreed and so we did.  Couldn't see a mile ahead, couldn't see the sides of the road; kept hitting the "rumble strips" in the center lane.  Snow was piling up that fast.

And it's still here.  Minus below 0 temps at night since then; low 20's during the day.

About daughter.....a couple of weeks ago, she called to say she was having trouble.  I'll spare you the gorey details...but the signs were all there for Diverticulitis.  Gave her some instructions; she carried through for a few days; signs came back, things got the doctor.

She (Doc) put her on 2 antibiotics; told her what to and not to do; took a white blood count, which came back normal, and sent us on our way.

All last week symptoms came and went.  Then came and stayed for a few days.  Call the doctor.  Well, Friday had to be cancelled, but daughter was feeling much, much better by the afternoon.   Fingers crossed....we'll see how this goes.

Yesterday was a "banner day" for me!!  While I haven't done any major housework in almost....a......month......I decided to bake and make a great dinner.  So....2 mixed berry pies were done (1 in the freezer) and a batch of chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies baked.  For granddaughter.  We send her a package of goodies every other week.   And some for us, of course.

Ah, then dinner.  Chicken breasts done in the electric fry pan (to save on the propane) with a new spice I came across....."rotisserie flavor".  Deeelicious!!  A side of rice done in chicken broth instead of water, with stir-fry veggies that were.....stir fried.....and added to the rice with a few dashes of Teriyaki sauce.  A nice salad and crescent rolls.  Mmmmm....mmmmm.   Of course, pie for dessert.

Granddaughter graduates from Army Tech school on April 10.  We're heading to Virginia earlier that week to pick her up and bring her home.  Can't wait to get her home!!  I miss her so.  She's my spinning and knitting buddy.

On the fiber front.....yeah.....the raspberry vest.  Well, it's 4" to finishing the back.  And....yeah.....there won't be enough yarn.  It'll have to be frogged.....again.  New plan.  I'm in the process of plying white yarn.  So the next time the vest is'll be raspberry/white.  I'm thinking every other stitch white.  I know it's probably going to be a hassle, but what the hell.  It can always be frogged.

Still working on the green.  3 more bobbins of single ply done; maybe 2 more ounces yet to be spun.  2 bobbins of the grey are done.  So when the white is finished, it'll be back to plying the green/grey.  That should give me another 6 bobbins plied.  12 total.  Maybe 30 - 36 ounces of yarn. Then maybe the Aran sweater can be started.

To quell my rattled nerves and frustration from the vest, I started a hat.  Blue heathered/tweedy; Merino wool.  Doing a slant ribbed stitch.  So far, so good.  Plan on mittens to match.

Trying to talk myself into starting some housework.  It seriously needs to be done.  At least the bathroom and kitchen are always kept clean; the bed linens always changed, the TV dusted off every few days and the sweeper ran over the carpets every so often.  But the dust bunnies swirling around the floor and gathering noticeable amounts on the furniture are really starting to speak to me.  And I don't like what they're saying.  Time to "clean house".   Seriously.  Clean the damn house.  Yuck.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Just turn a deaf ear to the dust bunnies. It sounds like you have plenty on your plate and even if you got rid of the dust, more will form in an hours time. It is a thankless task.

Linda said...

Absolutely, Arleen! Lol!

Sandra Knapp said...

Spring has been teasing us here in the East too, but we are getting another 2" or so, of new snow again tonight. It's just a matter of being patient. Winter can't last forever, at least not until the next Ice Age begins, and I haven't heard any predictions of that in the last decade or more. LOL

I'm so sorry the vest had to frogged yet again, and I give you a lot of credit for being so patient. But, you might want to reconsider making a gauge swatch. It would give you a clearer idea of just how much yardage you will need, and therefore prevent another frogging episode? Just sayin................

Your Chicken n rice dinner sounds amazing. Right down my ally. Chicken is my favorite meat, Rice my favorite starch dish, and anything that even hints of Asian cooking, I find myself drooling over. I always cook my rice with either chicken broth or beef broth, but I would say 90% it's chicken broth. It just tastes better that way. I commend you on the baking. I just can't seem to get up and go in that department any more.

I've got some gorgeous brightly colored BFL roving here, waiting for me to turn it into yarn, and I just haven't been "in the mood." I have one spool filled, and a second begun, so I really should get to it. But it won't be today, I'm afraid. :) Looking forward to seeing your new spun yarn. It sounds like it will be wonderful.

Judy said...

I share your pain so far as the weather. Just when we think Spring might be possible our hopes are dashed. Supposedly Monday will be 60...unless a cold front comes down from Canada and freezes us some more. Four months of below normal temps is hitting people pretty hard in their wallet, be it wood, coal, propane or electric. I hope we all thaw out soon so we can start working and in the gardens and complaining about the heat!!!

Linda said...

LOL! Thank you, ladies. Sandie, that is the one thing I never have patience for...swatching. Maybe some day....
Judy, see Sandie's comment above. That's what I keep telling myself...Spring is just around the corner. We just can't find that corner yet!! I agree with you on the cost of heating. We just paid a whopping double of any winter electric bill ever. Ouch!!! Stay positive, gals. It'll all work out!