Thursday, March 26, 2015

"No More Commiting to Knitting!"

This is my new slogan.....for ever.  I need to go somewhere and scream as loud as I can.

"I will never commit to knitting again."   Repeat:  "I will never commit to knitting again".  Repeat often.

The body of the sweater for SIL is done.  The sleeves are set and stitched in place; underseam sewn.  However, upon laying out, measuring and re-measuring, it occurs to me that this sweater is never going to fit said SIL!  I'm not sure; I wasn't given a definite size number, just measurements.  But little "hmm's"  and "ummm's" when questioning my brother of the size, indicates to me that she may be a bit larger than me.  And I wear and X-Lrg.

The measurements he gave me are right on.  But something just doesn't seem right.  It just seems too SMALL!

I haven't seen her in almost 5 years; I know she's taller and bigger than me.  I assume she's put on some weight.  Or is it just a man trying to figure out what size his wife is??  Men!

Anywho,  being that the sweater was knit all-in-one, there is no way to add, let's say, panels to the sides.  So?  Why not make the buttonbands a couple inches wider?  Yeah.  That'll work.  That's the ticket.

I'm in the process of crocheting the buttonbands now.  But I have my doubts this is the end of it.  There's the problem of the already placed button holes.   What to do.....what to do.....

Ok.  So the thing was started just after Christmas; spinning the yarn was still going on while the knitting commenced. It was  supposed to be done by Valentine's Day.  But my brother gave me some leaway when he said..."Easter, but no later than Mother's Day".    I'm shooting for Mother's Day.   Hopefully.....this year.

BH told me ("suggested") that I never commit to knitting for anyone again.  Well....yeah.....but I'll just tell the next person it'll be done in a year.   And then keep my fingers crossed.

It hasn't bode well that I haven't felt anything for this sweater from the beginning.  Not a lot of interest.  Haven't felt the urge to just sit all day knitting, nor the excitement of seeing it grow, anticipating the beautiful finished garment.  I have NO love for this sweater.  Never have.   And that's really strange for me.  Even after the beautiful buttons with the stamped Celtic design came in the mail.....nada.

Well, it won't be all bad.  If nothing else, I'll have another Aran sweater......that I will just love!

Pictures will be coming.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am sure she will love the sweater so much that she will find a way for it to fit.

Linda said...

Thanks, Arleen. I know I would!!

Sandra Knapp said...

So sorry you are having to wonder and guess if it's going to fit. Personally, with no "love" for it to begin with, I'm amazed you've got this far. I would have ditched and sent my apologies a long time ago. LOL

I have learned through experience, I'm much better of, and happier too, knitting what I want, for my own reasons or purposes, and if I do make something for someone else, it is as a surprise gift, because I wanted to. If you can't enjoy the project, that makes it a chore or a "job." I don't want to be thinking about my knitting that way, ever. I love it too much. LOL

I hope that it will fit your SIL, and fit well. Best wishes..... :)

Judy said...

My Uncle use to do beautiful woodwork, from rocking chair he made my daughter to intricate German Christmas pyramid trees. I told him he was crazy to not sell his work. He said it would take away the joy of making them if he was forced to make them. I did not understand that until I was asked to make a pair of socks. It sounded so easy, I love making socks and they are small! OMG It was horrible and I was so glad when they were finally done. I would knit a dishcloth just to give me something else to work on when I wanted to knit but didn't want to work on them! I made quite a few dishcloths! Hope the last number of stitches fly by for you and your back to knitting something fun and enjoyable in no time!

Linda said...

Thanks Sandie and Judy. Yep, I should've ditched the sweater, but I have this "I will NOT be defeated" attitude! LOL. It's absolutely much better to create something as a surprise for someone rather than being asked. I used to create and sell crafts, a lot of them of my own design. And I would HATE to do custom orders!! Salley forth.......